RISU Holds Second Karol Wojtyla Prize Competition for Ukrainian Journalists

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The editorial staff of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine is holding the second Karol Wojtyla Prize competition for Ukrainian journalists presenting materials on various aspects of religious life in Ukraine and the world, which have been published since January 2011.

The organizers of the competition invite journalists and publicists working with various kinds of journalism (news, reportages, journalistic investigations, analyses) and different types of media, including the press, radio, TV and Internet, and bloggers.

Nominees can be recommended by editors, independent experts, religious and public organizations and individuals or groups and members of the jury.

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  • Ата | 19 April 2012, 17:41
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    "Премія блаж. Кароля Войтили" - це трохи дивна назва, бо схоже на те, що він сам її запровадив. Якщо ж ні, то українська традиція називає премії імені особи. Хібі ні?

    • Тарасій | 19 April 2012, 23:24
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      Ви праві, тут випало "імені", бо була заснована на честь і з великої поваги і любові до цього святого Папи.

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