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Islam in Ukraine, Aug 25, 2018

In Sacred Mecca in the royal palace a solemn welcome ceremony was held in celebration of the Eid al-Adha (Qurban Bayram) holiday. The Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah", Said Ismagilov, was among the Muslim leaders from different countries of the world, invited by the Guardian of two Holy Places, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud and Prince Muhammad bin Salman. He met the great respect, being given the opportunity for personal communication with His Majesty.

According to Sheikh Said’s post on his Facebook page, he expressed gratitude to King Salman and Prince Muhammad on behalf of all Muslims of Ukraine.

"On the occasion of the great Muslim holiday, Qurban-Bayram, I received an invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud and Prince Muhammad bin Salman to attend the solemn welcome ceremony at the royal palace in Sacred Mecca," wrote the mufti, adding that he had been invited to sit in the first ranks. According to the royal etiquette rules, it means that the guest is given the opportunity to approach the King and personally congratulate him on the occasion.

The Minister for Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Saleh bin Tahir Benten, reported to the guests that officially this year more than 3.5 million pilgrims from more than 100 countries of the world had made hajj.

The head of the Office for Religious Affairs of Turkey Mufti Ali Erbash also took the floor, and thanked the King for the high level of Hajj organization and security.

At the end of the official part, the King himself addressed the audience, congratulating all the guests on the holiday and wishing the Hajj to have a good ending. After that, each of the invited muftis could personally congratulate the King and Prince.

"On behalf of the Muslims of Ukraine, I expressed my gratitude and best wishes to King Salman and Prince Muhammad," said Mufti RAMU "Ummah" Said Ismagilov.

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  • ukrlem | 17 January 2019, 18:27

    що за ідіот. А як Епіфаній молится за Кирилла то що тепер робить?

  • Михаил | 17 January 2019, 11:23

    Пора объявлять импичмент за грубейшее нарушение 35й статьи Конституции. Кстати, Денисенко должен напрячься - а вдруг Порошенко тоже захочет стать вторым "почетным патриархом". По четным

  • Михаил | 17 January 2019, 00:01

    Денисенко, по четным "патриарх", а по нечетным просто аферист, не может понять, что такое искренняя Вера в Бога. Для его ума это непостижимо, т.к. он во всем ищет выгоду и думает, что все

  • bopa | 16 January 2019, 21:01

    А на справді - ФЕЙК? Щось на РІСУ не подібне. Чи це було колись не подібне? Жаль!

  • bopa | 16 January 2019, 20:56

    Служба Авакова відпочиває? А районному керівництву байдуже? Тому без методики з переліком контактних телефонів не обійтися, бо провокації будуть! І не до виборів буде.