Patriarch Filaret: We won a spiritual victory over Moscow and take pride in our army

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Патріарх ФіларетDuring the festivities held at St. Sophia Square in Kyiv, Patriarch Filaret congratulated Ukrainians on the holiday of the Intercession of the Holy Theotokos and the Day of Defenders of Fatherland. In his speech, Patriarch Filaret referred to a spiritual victory over Moscow.

“This is an epochal victory that we have won in the course of 1030 years of existence of the Orthodox Church on our land. Finally, the Lord created conditions in which one cannot but grant autocephaly to Ukraine. We extend gratitude to Patriarch Bartholomew for his courage and opposition to the intrigues of Moscow. Thanks to his wisdom and willpower, we have an autocephalous Ukrainian Church. But not only the President worked in this area. All Ukraine fought for the autocephaly. Despite the opposition of Moscow, we stood for autocephaly. An independent Church cannot exist without Ukraine independent as the state.

The independent Ukrainian Church will serve the Ukrainian people.

The patriotic Churches have supported our army, and today we are proud of it. It is capable of fighting and can protect our land. There is turmoil in Moscow. They convene the Security Council caused by our autocephaly.

We are not united yet. We are different, and now we have to become one – one force and one Church. We will achieve the unification of all Orthodox Churches into one, despite all the oppositions. But let our enemies know that we will win and create one Ukrainian Orthodox Church led by the Kyiv Patriarchate. It will be with the Patriarch, not the Metropolitan. Ukraine deserves to have its patriarch. We do not want to know any alternatives.

We will give the soul and the body for our freedom because God and truth are with us,” Patriarch Filaret concluded in his speech.

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    • Михаил | 25 June 2019, 00:15

      Зря Денисенко не приехал на этот "синод". При нем бы они сразу хвост поджали и боялись бы тявкнуть на него.

    • Михаил | 25 June 2019, 00:13

      Ну-ну, попробуйте что-нибудь отобрать у Денисенко, он быстро всем хвост прищемит!

    • barni | 23 June 2019, 06:11

      "Михаил" ти б хоч в вікіпедію заглянув: • Церква — релігійна громада християн у конкретній місцевості. • Церква — парафія, церковна громада. ЦЕРКВА - ЦЕ Л-Ю-Д-И !!! а як можуть громадяни

    • Slava43 | 23 June 2019, 05:54

      Конституція та державні закони побудовані на Божі справедливості, однак закони пишуть люди, тому держави часто доповнюють або навідь міняють чи уточнюють намір законів. Росія старається використати

    • enzian | 21 June 2019, 18:24

      Наївність просто розчулює.

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