Orthodox Experts Rrom Russia Warn That Yanukovych Can Become 'Dissenter Hetman and Antichrist'

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Representatives of the Association of Orthodox Experts wish President Yanukovych to defeat the “Demons” of European integration.

“Ukraine will either strengthen itself as the core of the Orthodox 'Russian World,' its oldest, fundamental part and Yanukovych will become one of the strong ones who subdued the strongest, tempting temptation of 'euro-integration,' who rejected '$30' and did not sell his birthright for a mess of McDonalds pottage, or Orthodox Ukraine will perish in the European 'tolerance' [Editor: the spelling in the original is distorted to imply gayness] in a civilized way and Orthodoxy, according to the standards of the European Union, will be driven into a remote margin of the society for it is the only way possible in EU, the fundamental ideology of the European Union,” wrote the head of the association, Kyryl Frolov, in an article published on Wednesday in the newspaper Tomorrow.

According to Frolov, “fierce spiritual, intellectual, doctrinal struggle” is conducted for Yanukovych as “the key person on whom the historic choice of the Kyivan Rus depends” and the result of that struggle will decide “the life or death of the Orthodox Ukraine and not less than that.”

Frolov also criticized a trick “of the previous and, partly, present Ukrainian authorities” to engage in Ukrainian matters the “weak Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople who is dependent on the U.S.”

“This engagement is a gross neglect of church canons and will cause such religious anger in Ukraine and in the whole Orthodox world that the president under whom this can, God forbid, happen will be remembered in history as a 'dissenter hetman and antichrist.' Not a pleasant prospect,” reads the article.

Frolov stated that Yanukovych positions himself as not only a faithful Christian of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate but also a spiritual son of a modern Orthodox zealot, Archimandrite Zosima (Sokur), who rejected the very idea of separation of the Ukrainian Church from the Russian one and divide between Ukraine and Russia.

“Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych has both mentors praying for him and demons of 'euro-integration' tempting him,” noted the author.

“As we know, Archimandrite Zosima who had a gift of prophecy predicted that Viktor Yanukovych would become Ukraine’s President if he is loyal to the idea of the Slavic solidarity and unity of the Russian Orthodox Church. And if he deviates from the blessing, he will lose it and, as a result he will reap a political catastrophe on Earth,” reads the article, reported Interfax.

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  • Bohdan Pankevych | 21 October 2011, 00:57
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    Дуже гарно, краще не скажеш. Дурь каждого відна так, шо аж зашкаліваєт.

  • P.Best | 20 October 2011, 10:51
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    Вау, что они курили?? свежий ладан партиарший подвезли??

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    Ну а СВЕРХЗАДАЧА этого "советского человека" - тов. ultimaratio22 весьма проста и понятна. ---- Т. е. представить это зверино-дьявольское явление, как коммуно-большевизм, не как

  • velovs@ukr.net | 24 January 2020, 16:53

    А вот здесь этот, дескать, "интернационалист" (=ярый российский шовинист-ксенофоб) ultimaratio22, который (якобы) "уважает и любит все национальности", и попался... :) ------ Ну,

  • Стефан | 24 January 2020, 13:56

    Повестка дня без искусственных ограничений тем обсуждаемых вопросов и кандидатур лиц, желающих выступить с докладами. Преимущества для независимых, самостоятельных, беспартийных, не состоявших в

  • ultimaratio22 | 24 January 2020, 12:59

    Интересно, а изуверы- коммунисты какой религиозной принадлежности были в большинстве случаев? Правильно. Иудейцы. От рук Троцкого, Ленина, Кагановича, Ягоды, Зиновьева и пр. деспотов погибли миллионы

  • velovs@ukr.net | 24 January 2020, 10:46

    Р. S. Відкрию один "секрет". Тут, на РІСУ, є один - досить активний блогер, що в своїх дописах нерідко пропагує запеклу РУСОФОБІЮ (нетерпимість до всіх росіян - як таких) та й, загалом,

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