Former Izmail mosque of the XVI century to be listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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The former Ismail mosque of the XVI century can be included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, which in the future will make it possible to restore this object in its original form. This was announced after the presentation of the publication "City of Ismail and its fortification..." by one of its co-authors, academician Mehmet Tyutyunji, "Religion in Ukraine" has reported citing І

"This mosque is built in the Istanbul style," says Tyutyunji. "It was built in 1590 by order of the owner of these lands, the chief eunuch of the Sultan's court, Mehmed Aga."

"This is the only mosque preserved in Ukraine in such good condition, and it should be protected," Mehmet Tyutyunji was quoted as saying by IZMAIL, the portal of the publishing house “Courier”.

The UNESCO world heritage includes natural or human-made objects, the priority for which, according to the specialized Agency of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, UNESCO, is their preservation and promotion as objects of special cultural and historical importance.

According to the second co-author of the above monograph, Ukrainian scientist Andriy Krasnozhon, his colleague and friend Mehmet Tyutyunji actively cooperates with UNESCO, so his intention to include Izmail's mosque in the list of items protected by this authoritative international entity is real.

In addition, the classification of monuments of history and architecture of UNESCO world heritage sites will make possible the participation of the government of Turkey to restore the object in its original form, including construction by a foreign investor of a new building located within the former mosque of the diorama "Siege of the Izmail fortress".

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      Р. S. Відкрию один "секрет". Тут, на РІСУ, є один - досить активний блогер, що в своїх дописах нерідко пропагує запеклу РУСОФОБІЮ (нетерпимість до всіх росіян - як таких) та й, загалом,

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      Дуже перепрошую за надвелику надокучливість. Одначе це - досить типовий і поширений (та дуже відомий) ШУЛЕРСЬКИЙ (шахрайський) прийом. ---- Тобто всім тим, хто ніяк не сприймає та пробує викривати й

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      И именно в Киеве! Интересная и весьма актуальная мысль и предложение! :)

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    • Стефан | 24 January 2020, 02:19

      Число невинных жертв, павших от рук изуверов-коммунистов и их пособников в период с 1917 года по настоящее время, больше нескольких десятков миллионов человек. Обсуждать это на созванном в 2020-м

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