ROC collects personal data of Ukrainians and incites religious confrontation in Donetsk region, says region leader

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The Russian Orthodox Church is currently the only organization threatening inter-confessional peace and understanding within Ukrainian-controlled areas of Donetsk region. Head of the Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration Oleksandr Kuts was reported by TSN as saying this.

In his view, religious communities have a legitimate right to determine their own jurisdiction, and do not expect tensions from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Donetsk region. “Provocations are not expected because the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Ukraine is not planning any violent acts. All activists who could cause any conflict situations are warned about criminal responsibility, so we do not expect any provocations,” Kuts explained.


Instead, according to the Head of Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration, the entities of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine can become the source of problems. “The only abettors are now the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church because in their sermons the words of incapability and non-canonicity of the Ukrainian Church are constantly repeated, they collect the signatures including personal data of the believers who do not know where it is later transmitted. This is the only destructive activity that exists at present,” said the Head of the Donetsk Regional Military-Civilian Administration.

He also added that work with the clergy of the ROC was underway, so he hopes that any conflict situations will be prevented in the region.

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    • magdaljuk2000 | 17 May 2019, 09:35

      В православній церкві України необхідно ввести вікове обмеження для займаної посади. Коли по досягненню певного віку, священослужитель заслужено б йшов на спокій. Тоді б оцього дідуся б і послали на

    • Slava43 | 17 May 2019, 02:48

      Почесний Патріярх Філярит дуже добре знає навчання Христа тільки у своїм поважнім віку та бурхливих подіях дався вплинути державним правилам.

    • Slava43 | 17 May 2019, 02:07

      Христос застерігав що хто хоче бути першим буде послідний. Як приклад сам мив апостолам (грішникам) ноги.

    • Zenia | 16 May 2019, 23:08

      Надежды украинцев - иметь законный Патриархат, признанный Матерью-Церковью в Константинополе, а не амбициозные крики: "Я патриарх, и будет только так, как я хочу, а не иначе, а Епифаний пусть

    • Zenia | 16 May 2019, 23:05

      Іди до біса, сраний москаль, Юда проплачений! Гори у пеклі разом із тим, хто тебе найняв, виродку сатанинський!

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