Human rights situation in occupied Crimea deteriorated significantly in 2017, - human rights defenders

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Crimean Human Rights Group recorded several new trends in the political persecution of Crimeans. "The annual analysis revealed ongoing persecution of activists in Crimea including religious and ethnic one. Moreover, limitations imposed on the freedom of peaceful assembly were tighten up," Censor.NET reports citing the Crimean Human Rights Group.

At least 19 persons were arrested for political reasons in occupied Crimea In 2017. The criminal cases were initiated against no less than 25 people with the same reasons.

Greater pressure has been placed on the freedom of expression: the criminal proceedings were initiated against five persons for posts and comments in social media, several people were arrested.

In 2017, the activists recorded significant deterioration in medical assistance to prisoners which is equated with torture in some cases.

"The deterioration in observance of the international humanitarian law is also noteworthy. The number of Crimeans conscripted in the Russian army increased significantly in 2017: about 3100 persons were conscripted in 2016, while almost 5,000 recruits from Crimea were drafted into the Russian army in 2017. A total of about 10,000 Crimeans were called up for military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the occupation," the report reads.

There was a tendency in 2017 to use criminal charges of extortion and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition for political persecution of activists.

Ten more persons were detained for alleged membership in terrorist and extremist organizations under the ‘Crimean Muslims’ case.

The occupation authorities significantly increased limitations on the freedom of peaceful assembly: no less than 49 people were detained for taking part in single-person protests on Oct. 14 alone. 75 persons were later fined.

"The figures cited in this report may not reflect the full extent of human rights violations as some of these facts have not been made public and remain concealed," the human rights activists emphasize.


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