Patriarch Sviatoslav calls on Ukrainian Catholic journalists ‘to work together in the mission of evangelization’

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Святослав-(Шевчук).jpgPatriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk’s appeal to Ukrainian Catholic journalists was recorded during an interview for the website Katolytskyi Ohliadach.

Patriarch Sviatoslav stressed that the media has a very important impact on society and that for the church this is a very important tool for the evangelization of society, in order to be able to bring the word of truth, the Word of the Gospel, to the general public.

“And who else but a believer, who can use the ability of his believing heart which feels the depth, the truth and the meaning of the word, is able to do this? I urge you to work together in the mission of evangelization,” the patriarch said to journalists.

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    • | 17 October 2017, 20:35

      "Раніше так званий «заступник міністра держбезпеки ЛНР» Олександр Басов, після опечатування декількох приміщень віруючих в ОРДЛО, заявляв, що релігійна організація «Свідки Єгови» підозрюється в

    • Ivan Kaszczak | 11 October 2017, 16:36

      Nomenclature is often problematic. I am in communion with the successor of St. Peter either he be in Rome or elsewhere. I belong to the one, holy, catholic and Apostolic church. Sometimes this church

    • | 11 October 2017, 16:03

      "У Римі молебнем до святого Йосафата на гробі святого Івана Павла ІІ в базиліці святого Петра у Ватикані 11 жовтня 2017 року розпочались урочистості з нагоди вручення Нагороди примирення 2017

    • Andrew Sorokowski | 11 October 2017, 15:37

      I suppose one has to discern what one's interlocutor is really asking. Depending on this, one may honestly reply that one is Catholic, or Orthodox. If one is speaking with an intellectually curious

    • Михаил | 11 October 2017, 02:50

      Дай-то Бог! Ласково просимо!

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