Employees of Sophia of Kyiv Recommended to Conduct Excursions Instead of Research Work

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Yesterday, in the National Reserve Sophia of Kyiv, the first session of the Supervisory Council after the replacement of the general director was held. The members of the council criticized the work of the reserve employees and called them to conduct more excursions instead of their research work. This provoked their indignation. So reported the Коmmersant.

The session was opened by the new General Director, Olena Serdiuk who was appointed  to the post on 15 June by the Minister of Culture. She familiarized the participants with the results of the 36th session of the Committee of the World Heritage of YUNESCO held in Saint Petersburg on 24 June-6 July.

The next question of the agenda was the discussion of the restoration works plan for 2012-2015 presented by Deputy General Director, Vadym Kyrylenko. In particular, the document envisages restoration of the roof and waterproofing of the foundation of the Sophia Cathedral, strengthening of the fortification walls and creation of a children’s museum in the reserve.

The members of the Supervisory Council interrupted V. Kyrylenko and criticized the plan.

The plan was returned for additional elaboration.

The council then discussed the results of the research work of the employees. Petro Tolochko said that they are not of a considerable value. According to him, the main task of the employees is popularization of the monuments and organization of excursions: “At least equalize the level of attendance of Sophia with that of the Cave Monastery.” Olena Serdiuk supported him and stated that the main priority of the reserve will now be popularization of the monuments.

According to the statistics available, the Holy Sophia is attended by approximately 200 thousand tourists each year, whereas the Cave Monastery is attended by about half a million.

This opinion was supported by the members of the supervisory council but was met with indignation by the employees. According to a former Deputy General Director on scientific matters, Iryna Margolina, the total criticism from the members of the supervisory council is motivated by their intention to replace the administration of the reserve. “After the appointment of the new leader, employees, who worked for more than forty years, have been dismissed. It is a tendency of the present Ministry of Culture: to criticize and devaluate all the work and dismiss the people in order to appoint more loyal ones,” explained Margolina.

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  • Сергій Лавренюк | 13 July 2012, 14:17
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    безТолочко хоче перетворити науковців заповідника "Софія Київська" в екскурсоводів - бо цього російського націоналіста не влаштовують їхні дослідження, в котрих не співається брехлива осанна "общім корням" українців з московитами

    • Микита | 14 July 2012, 13:42
      comment comment

      Він просто покидьок.

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