Ancient icon restored in St. Andrew’s Church

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In the altar of St. Andrew's Church in Kyiv, the restoration of the icon ‘The Last Supper’ (18th c. canvas, oil) has been completed. This was announced by Deputy Director-General of the National reserve ‘St Sofia of Kyiv’ Vadym Kyrylenko, Segodnya reports.

“Responsible and painstaking work has been completed. It is interesting that its transportation to the studio was impossible because of the icon's dimensions (8.3 m2) and the volume of the gilded carved frame, so the restoration work was carried out by the master directly on the site,” Kyrylenko has written on his Facebook page.

Earlier in St. Andrew's Church, the restoration of the wall was accomplished, which consists of several columns and is a unique monument of the XVIII century. This is the altar part of the temple, and after the restoration, it looks very beautiful and unusual.

It should be noted that the Church still functions only as a sightseeing platform. The temple undergoes unprecedented restoration - literally every inch, from the facades to the ancient icons, is being restored. The work will not be stopped after it was decided to transfer the Church to the use of Constantinople. The reconstruction is planned to be completed in 2020. Since 1968, the church is officially a Museum. Since 2001, in compliance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, it has been transferred to the temporary use of the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church.

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    • Стефан | 10 December 2019, 13:24

      Интересы православных христиан Украины представляет Православная Церковь Украины (ПЦУ).

    • | 9 December 2019, 18:49

      Так, вони - проімперські московські і промосковські (в Україні) церковники, безумовно, "знають", що чинять... Але це - т. зв. їхнє "знання" продиктоване і накинуте їм, по суті...

    • barni | 9 December 2019, 16:20

      П.Velovs, я не можу і не в праві заперечити слова Господа нашого Іісуса Христа, але скажу московські церковники добре знають, що вони чинять. І тут хотілося б нагадати свою позицію, щодо істерики

    • barni | 9 December 2019, 16:05

      "А ти коли молишся, " увійди до своєї комірчини, зачини свої двері, і помолися" Отцеві своєму, що в таїні; а Отець твій , що бачить таємне, віддасть тобі явно" (Мт 6:6). Звичайно

    • | 9 December 2019, 14:10

      А от стосовно "наших ворогів", то, скажімо, російські християни, що підтримують і навіть самі - так чи інакше - беруть участь (прямо чи опосередковано) в цій "гібридній" агресії

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