Virtual map of Christian and Jewish sights of Inter-War Period in Rivne

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On July 19, an updated virtual map of the sites of historical and cultural heritage “Polycultural Rivne” was presented.

The map was created within the framework of the “Responsibility for Memory” project, which is being implemented by the public organization “Mnemonic” with the support of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Ukraine, Rivne Vechirne reports.

Over 100 sites related to the development of Rivne in the interwar period (1919 - 1939) were charted to the virtual map. Among them are the Christian and Jewish shrines, Polish administrative buildings, educational and cultural institutions connected with the life of the Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Czech and Russian communities of the city.

The English version of the map “Multicultural Rivne” and the offer of a route for a pedestrian excursion to the multicultural level of the interwar period “Mirages of the Missing City” were also presented.

The excursion route will include the Church of St. Anthony, the house of prayer “Old Kloys”, the main synagogue, the Rivne court, the Holy Resurrection Cathedral, the Volyn Museum of Economy, the school named after Sinkevich, a private library of Borukh Halperin, a private school of Tarbut community, Dr. M. Prokhorov's house, library of the Russian Charity Society, Gymnasium of the Union of Residents, Jewish Bursa for Orphaned Children (Svobody Str. near Plastova), State College named after Kostiusko, coeducational gymnasium with the Polish language of teaching under the Jewish Parental Society “Osvyata”.

“This map is a tool for revival of the memory of Rivne, which disappeared, which exists no more, which went into oblivion,” says director of “Mnemonica” Maxim Gon. “In this way, Rivne shares the experience of those Ukrainian cities, in particular Lviv, who respect otherness, guided by universal values.


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    • Стефан | 14 March 2018, 20:05

      Священник Игорь Савва прав в своих мыслях и рассуждениях, отстаивая истину о защите Украины от внешней агрессии. Пособники продолжателей дела Троцкого, Крупской, Ленина и т.п. упырей и негодяев,

    • Matthew | 12 March 2018, 16:58

      When you're asked what priest you are, why not just say, 'I'm a Catholic priest'?

    • | 9 March 2018, 18:25

      Так, "залежать". Але, при тому, сучасний Ватикан ніяк НЕ Є "державою-агресором". А якраз НАДНАЦІОНАЛЬНОЮ - й, передусім, саме ДУХОВНО-РЕЛІГІЙНОЮ інституцією (керівним центром

    • Магадан | 9 March 2018, 11:47

      От наприклад Франція, 100% громад залежать від Рима. Про яку незалежність можна говорити. От такі от релігієзнавці з кругозором від сарая до забора.

    • | 6 March 2018, 17:47

      Разом з тим: варто тут уважно слідкувати й спостерігати, як ця - вельми дивна й незрозуміла ситуація розвиватиметься далі... Тим більше, що не виключено, що в цій ситуації під виглядом

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