Once Tomos is received, OCU Primate will invite Patriarch Bartholomew to Kyiv

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The Head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy (Dumenko), plans to invite Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to visit Ukraine once the Tomos is received. This was stated by the first hierarch in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

"As far as I know, even after signing the relevant agreement at the Phanar, before the Unification Council, Patriarch Bartholomew stated that he had a desire to visit Orthodox Ukraine again, for the second time. Already after the Tomos is received, I will invite His Holiness to visit Ukraine in the near future,” he said.

The head of the OCU also assured that his invitation to the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church to join the new Church remains unchanged.

“My clear position -- which was expressed immediately after the Unification Council -- is that the doors of our Church are open to all Orthodox Ukraine. We invite all representatives who are now in the fold of the Russian Orthodox Church to join the independent OCU,” Metropolitan Epifaniy said.

“Talking about a strategy, it must be based on the gospel principles of love, peace, understanding, brotherly mutual respect” added the Primate of the OCU.

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    • Halo | 30 May 2020, 12:27

      Хороша агітація проти РПЦ в Україні

    • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 07:10

      Уже ж писали що давно вже вивезли. А тепер знову вивозять. Значить нас в новостях раніше обдурили. А де гарантія що і це правда.

    • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 07:04

      Є всякі пастирі і пресвітери, у всіх конфесіях і церквах. Тому міліонерів священників у селах і в містах наврядчи дуже багато.

    • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 06:48

      Звичайно це поодинокі випадки. Навіщо мусульманам України себе так підставляти.

    • enzian | 30 May 2020, 06:36

      Інформація може. а ДЕЗінформація - не може.

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