Police finds murderers of Pentecostals in Slovyansk

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Police finds murderers of Pentecostals in Slovyansk

The Donetsk regional police solved the killing of four members of the Protestant Church “Transfiguration of the Lord”, which took place in Sllovyansk in 2014, when the city was captured by Russian militants, LB.ua has reported citing the press service of the police.

The investigation found that on June 8, 2014, the armed fighters broke into the church where the service was being held and captured two brothers, Ruvim and Albert Pavenkovys, and two of their friends, Volodymyr Velychko and Viktor Bradarsky. In a car of one of the kidnapped the money in foreign currency was found, which was the pretext to declare the Protestants American spies.

After that, the prisoners were placed in a cell of the captured fire department. Men were tortured, and in the morning they were taken out to the city, where they were shot just in a car that was burning. One of the prisoners died and burned in a car, others tried to escape and hide behind the bushes, where they were shot. The bodies were then buried in a common grave. At the same time, the killers tried to get a ransom from the relatives of the victims.

During the investigation, it was found that the Pentecostals were shot by three persons -  the residents of Slovyansk Andriy Chernyshov and Yevhen Pushkov, as well as a resident of Makeyevka, Oleg Obraztsov (presumably died in 2015). They were served in absentia with charges under Article 146 (kidnapping of people), Article 127 (torture), Article 115 (murder), Article 289 (theft of the car), Part 4 Article 187 (robbery) of the Criminal Code.

Police has known that after Slovyansk was liberated by the Ukrainian Army, the slayers fled to Donetsk, where they continued to fight for the "Donetsk People’s Republic".


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  • velovs@ukr.net | 31 January 2018, 19:57
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    Ось з цієї - криваво-звірячої розправи в червні 2014 р. в окупованому т. зв. "русской православной армией" Гіркіна-Стрєлкова Слов'янську чітко проглядається одна з цілей збройно-ординського вторгнення імперсько-шовіністського "русского мира" в незалежну Україну. ---- Тобто: ліквідація духовно ЖИВОГО - натхненного і провадженого Святим Духом - різнобарвного християнства на українській землі. У т. ч., по можливості, і фізичне знищення, принаймні, найбільш активної і богопосвяченої частини його носіїв. ------ І це цілком логічно й по-своєму закономірно. Бо "диявол" - Люцифер, "що спокушає всю вселенну, скинутий на землю", нині перебуває "у веливій люті, знаючи, що [вже] небагато йому лишається часу" (Одкр.12:9,12).

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  • enzian | 19 June 2019, 22:25

    До чого тут православні? Йдеться про активізацію діяльності кремлівської агентури.

  • Ігор Затятий | 19 June 2019, 22:02

    Шиза косить православних. Добре, що я греко-католик.

  • Михаил | 19 June 2019, 20:27

    Уже даже сам Денисенко, этот раскольник из раскольников, неканоничнейший из неканоничных, сказал в интервью, что "пцу" неканонична и непризнана ни одной церковью, кроме стамбульской. Пора

  • Володимир40 | 19 June 2019, 13:45

    Філарет - Кирил II

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    (помилка - негараздах)

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