Patriarch Kirill gets insight: only UOC-MP can unite Ukrainian society

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In his speech at the Council of Bishops, which started in Moscow on November 29, Patriarch Kirill made a mention of Ukraine. The speech of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church could not boast any originality, as it reproduced all the same theses, which were repeatedly voiced.

In particular, he called the war in Ukraine the “bloody division”, the UOC (MP) – a persecuted, discriminated Church, which, in his opinion, is the only force in Ukraine capable of uniting the Ukrainian people.

RISU offers a selection of quotations from the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church on Ukraine at the Council in Moscow, cited by UNIAN.

“For nearly four years, the fullness of the Russian Orthodox Church has raised prayers to the Almighty's throne for elimination of the bloody division on the territory of Ukraine. His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy, the hierarchs, clergymen and all faithful children of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church really need intensive prayers. Recent events confirm that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church remains the only force able to unite Ukrainian society. The courageous and well-considered position of its hierarchs, preventing the Church from being involved into a conflict or to any of its sides, already brings its good fruits.”

“The peacekeeping feat of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church manifests itself in her love for Ukraine, her true patriotism.”

“Despite this, the pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church exerted by non-canonical religious groups, radical political forces and public organizations of Ukraine is increasing. An information campaign against the Church is ongoing. Raiders continue to capture temples driving out believers; judicial decisions in favor of the affected communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church have not been enforced, the authorities often provide support to the invaders. Attempts by certain political forces to intervene in the internal life of the Church, to prevent the registration of its communities, to strengthen religious discrimination at the legislative level are of particular concern.”

“Most of the Primates of the fraternal Local Orthodox Churches spoke in support of the canonical Church of Ukraine and expressed their concerns regarding the preparation for the adoption of these bills. Representatives of the largest religious confessions of Ukraine, international religious and human rights organizations have also said their word.”

“Having a large flock in all regions of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church proves that it is truly a Church of its people, its own country. It represents the strength of the spirit of its archpastors and pastors, the piety and unity of their believers. The evidence of this was the unprecedented All-Ukrainian religious procession in July 2016, which united hundreds of thousands of believers throughout Ukraine, as well as the many-thousand religious procession in Kyiv on July 27, 2017.”

“Any attempt to undermine the unity of the canonical Church in Ukraine by political means is doomed to failure until its believers remain with their Church, and are invariably ready to express their love and support to her. And we, the fullness of the Russian Church, join our hot prayers to strengthen our Orthodox fellow Ukrainians in their feat of faith and piety, to increase love and eliminate hostility, to return peace and prosperity to the suffering Ukrainian land.”

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    • В. Ясеневий | 17 March 2018, 15:09

      Припускаю ,що по перше і найшвидше подіяв би заклик до примирення між ХРИСТИЯНАМИ(РИМО-КАТОЛИКАМИ)ПОЛЯКАМИ І - ХРИСТИЯНАМИ УГКЦ І ПРАВОСЛАВНИМИ УКРАЇНЦЯМИ. А тоді вже і політикам не було б куда

    • | 17 March 2018, 10:14

      Крім того, це якраз активна й пряма участь російської вояччини у цьому - дуже жорстокому й кривавому збройному конфлікті в Сирії, що триває вже майже СІМ років, значно збільшує масштаби тамтешніх

    • | 17 March 2018, 09:45

      Якраз усе навпаки. Тобто всім - незаанґажованим і об'єктивним - людям добре відомо, що це саме Кремль-ФСБ активно спонсорує і підтримує - як праві та праворадикальні, так і ліві й ультраліві

    • Магадан | 17 March 2018, 09:15

      не кремль підтримав перевороти в сиріі, лівіі, іраці завдяки яким почалася міграція в європу,що і викликало прихід правих партій в європі. святослав все перекрутив

    • Магадан | 17 March 2018, 09:14

      не кремль підтримав перевороти в сиріі, лівіі, іраці завдяки яким почалася міграція в європу,що і викликало прихід правих партій в європі. святослав все перекрутив

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