Land and property problems

  • 5 January 2010, 16:22 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Conflict over Church between Orthodox Denominations in Musorivtsi Continues

    Representatives of the UOC-KP and UOC-MP, who are at variance with each other, in the village of Musorivtsi in Ternopil Region agreed to a temporary “truce” and alternate services in the church during the Christmas season.

  • 15 December 2009, 15:16 | Temples, church property | 

    Surb-Khach Monastery in Crimea to Remain Under Jurisdiction of Armenian Apostolic Church

    Head of the Supreme Council of the Crimea, stated that Surb-Khach monastery will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian eparchy of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

  • 10 December 2009, 10:50 | News

    Sumy City Administration Denies Land Apportionment for Greek Catholics

    The city administration of the north-eastern Ukrainian city of Sumy did not give permission for the land apportionment of a plot under construction of a church for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

  • 2 December 2009, 10:45 | News | 

    Deputies Call Government to Help Return St. Nicholas Church in Kyiv to Roman Catholics

    Ukrainian deputies addressed Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko with a request to facilitate the return of the church of St. Nicholas in Kyiv to the Roman Catholic community to “restore historical justice.”

  • 27 November 2009, 12:08 | News | 


    KYIV — The Supreme Court of Ukraine confirmed the right of ownership of the Roman Catholic parish in Dnipropetrovsk. On November 26, 2009, the court declined the appeal of the corporation Dugsbery and announced its decision to leave unchanged the previous decisions of the courts, which recognized the right of ownership of the church building to the Catholics.