UGCC Head: If peace means agreeing to aggressor’s terms, it is not peace, but capitulation

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We have paid a high price for our freedom, for the right to be ourselves, so the war cannot end with peace at any price.

Patriarch Sviatoslav expressed this opinion in an interview with RISU.

“We talk much about the war. Without a doubt, the war cannot be ended by “peace at all costs.” We have already paid much for our freedom, for our right to be ourselves. If peace means losing everything, then that will not be peace, that will be capitulation. So peace is absolutely impossible without justice. We speak about a just peace, in particular for those who have lost their lives, who are innocent victims, who have lost their children on the front… Peace should be based on respect for the other person’s pain. Without peace like this, based on truth, a source of justice, we cannot talk about some ending of the war. I think that everyone should realize this. If they now understand by the word “peace” something at any cost, agreeing with the aggressor’s conditions, then we will falsify the understanding of “peace” as such,” said the head of the UGCC.

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  • Стефан | 29 June 2019, 15:23
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    С агрессором, подлецом, вором и убийцей мир только после его изгнания с территории страны.

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  • barni | 24 July 2019, 05:46

    З Господнього благословіння, думаю ворожнечі немає, а от конкуренція за вірних ...??? Хоч тут є і свої великі плюси. Недалекий час покаже хто, особливо, з попів є хто. Хто за Україну, а хто ...???

  • Ігор Затятий | 23 July 2019, 23:32

    А що, між ними ворожнеча? Зрозуміло, що не згадуючи мацкалів, які цілий світ ненавидять

  • ustavschyk | 16 July 2019, 22:45

    Google Translate strikes again.

  • Ігор Затятий | 16 July 2019, 10:31

    «Обіцянка - цяцянка, а дурневі радість»

  • barni | 16 July 2019, 09:48

    " Коли ми навчимося бути разом, єдиною (Українською, а не католицькою авт.ком.) Церквою, перемагати те, що нас роз’єднує" - ТОДІ МИ СТАНЕМОГ ДІЙСНО НЕЗАЛЕЖНОЮ УКРАЇНОЮ. Браво Владико!!!

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