Chaplains held rehabilitation camp for ATO soldiers and their families

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The second winter rehabilitation and recreation camp "Thank You" for the families of ATO soldiers that was held in the picturesque Carpathian lands during the Christmas period, on 13-20 January, has recently come to an end.

реабілітаційно-відпочинковий табір «Дякую Тобі» для родин воїнів АТО

These initiatives of rehabilitation for ATO veterans with their wives and their children will soon mark one year. The head of this project is a military chaplain, priest of Sambir-Drohobych Diocese of the UGCC, Archpriest Taras Kotsyuba. The participants were members of the union of “Participants, veterans, the disabled and fighters of ATO” (SUVIATO) servicemen of 30th separate mechanized brigade of Novograd-Volynsky.

“The idea of ​​a family vacation was presented directly to our soldiers,” Father Taras said. “Using various methods of rehabilitation, we only promote quick and effective return of former soldiers to civilian life, thereby significantly reducing their exposure to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are a number of health and recreational programs for veterans and separately for their children. However, the family of ATO participants are deprived of due care. In our project we place the emphasis on the family, which aims to provide to the person who experienced traumatic events during the war, the place and atmosphere for healing, returning to normal life. In this way we implement effective programs to bring back the military servicemen to civilian life in the most enabling environment, that is directly in their family.”

реабілітаційно-відпочинковий табір «Дякую Тобі» для родин воїнів АТО

The first such camp was arranged by organizers last summer. Today, the program is supported by many people of good will, particularly from various institutions, by clergy of the UGCC and Ukrainian diaspora, namely in Italy and Australia. The participants are accompanied by the volunteers of “Drohobych SOS – help to army” and many ordinary people who want to make a feasible contribution to a good cause.

The program includes rehabilitation treatment, joint visits to swimming pools, recreational facilities, entertainment with children, art therapy events and educational lectures. It also provides rehabilitation under the supervision of a family psychologist and spiritual guidance and prayer. Among the organizers on the part of the military, there are military commanders who help coordinate the internal discipline of the camp participants.

“For us this is a great opportunity to be all together and not be separated from own family, as it was the case in hospitals,” said Volodymyr Hospodynchyk. “This is a brilliant opportunity for the couple to stay together, while the children are looked after by professionals, or to revive their relationship, see their friends and get new experiences.”

Priests and organizers are hoping that this rehabilitation will be a good example for others, as they seen particular strength in family recreation. If the things come round, these camps will take place twice a year – in summer and winter – creating unity among the small community of brothers, so that each of them could truly say to one another “thank you.”

реабілітаційно-відпочинковий табір «Дякую Тобі» для родин воїнів АТО

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