“War in Ukraine is something more than a long-running conflict,” State Secretary of Vatican in Zaporizhzhia

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“We know that this war is something much more than a long-running conflict: a constant danger, being a sign confrontation of civilizations, histories and peoples that goes far beyond the borders of Ukraine, which could have serious consequences for the balance, which so constantly violated in many parts of the world,” Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said in a speech at a meeting of the Council of Churches in Zaporizhzhia June 16.

He recalled the words of Pope Francis on the "war in fragments", which is taking place in the world and the conflict in Ukraine is part of a global confrontation. Therefore, the resolution of the conflict must be global.

“The suffering you are going through, although concerns directly to your land, but appeals to the conscience of all people and the entire international community to exert all efforts to end the drama in Ukraine,” said the Vatican’s Secretary of State.

Cardinal again reiterated that the Holy See has called for the need to comply with international law on the territory and borders of Ukraine. These words are one of the clearest statements of the Vatican on the situation in Ukraine.

He emphasized the duty to pray and act. “In the face of the existing confrontation we have a duty above all to pray for peace and to act in God's name is to be close to those who are deprived of basic things by violence,” said the Secretary of State.

At the meeting of the Council of Churches in Zaporizhzhia Cardinal Pietro Parolin symbolically handed the help of Catholics in Europe who gathered at the call of Pope Francis. Recall that the Pope has announced a collection for Ukraine, which was held April 24. The amount will be announced later, but for implementing “Ukraine for the Pope” action, a special technical committee was launched under the leadership of Bishop Ian Sobilo, auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

We know that the funds are intended solely for victims of violence in eastern Ukraine, settlers, residents of so-called “gray zone” near the contact line, the population that remains on the territory which is not by Ukrainian government, especially children, the elderly and single-parent families with young children to those who suffered torture and other forms of torture.

“Humanitarian aid allocation will be devoid of ideology or the religious, ethnic or linguistic identity. The only condition is that it is intended to people who are in situation of real need. For the Church all are sons, on an equal footing, sons of the Father in Heavens. Let us start with the most urgent aid, food, medicine, shelter,” said Cardinal Parolin in his speech to the Council of Churches of Zaporozhye, which unites churches and religious organizations.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State will stay in Ukraine until 20 June and after Zaporizhia is to visit Kyiv and Lviv.

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