German Cardinal to Greek Catholics of Transcarpathia: I support you and stand beside you

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Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki was making a visit to the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese from April 4 to April 7. Exactly 10 years ago, his predecessor - Cardinal Meisner visitied Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese. Cardinal Woelki gifted to Bishop Milan (Shashik) one of Cardinal Meisner’s personal cups featuring his cardinal emblem.


Cardinal Woelki described the purpose of his visit to Ukraine as follows: “Probably many of you have heard about RENOVABIS. This is a German charity foundation, founded many years ago by German bishops to be closer to the Christians of Eastern Europe. Last year I launched one of these solidarity actions of the German Church with the Churches of Eastern Europe in our Cologne Cathedral. Then I learned a lot about your Church as well as about the current political and social situation in Eastern Europe. It was at that time that I realized that my own lifestyle in the West European country was directly related to the living situation here in Eastern Europe, and especially with the life situation here in Ukraine. That's why I decided to visit you personally these days to make it easy for you and your difficult situation to be your own eyes, and also to be close to you, thereby showing you my support and my solidarity, as a Christian I am also willing to pray with you and celebrate these important days of our faith with you.”

In a speech to the faithful at the Liturgy, Cardinal Woelki said that “although we carry different liturgical clothes and pray in different languages, we all belong to the only universal Catholic Church.”

During a conversation with the seminarians and the farewell meeting at the Uzhgorod Theological Academy named after the Blessed Theodor Romzha the ecclesiastical situation in Germany and the current challenges facing the entire Catholic Church today were discussed.

On April 5, Cardinal Woelki took part in the hierarchical Divine Liturgy at the Uzhgorod Cathedral. Since this was his first Byzantine rite Liturgy, Bishop Milan presented him a miter embroidered with Byzantine icons of Jesus Christ and the Virgin. After the Liturgy, he had an informal meeting and conversation with the clergy and the monastic diocese. On the same day he visited the youth spiritual center in the village of Antalovtsi and Franciscan Capuchins brothers in Uzhgorod.

On April 6, the Cardinal visited the diocesan Caritas. He became acquainted with the great field of Caritas labor and had a conversation with the settlers from eastern Ukraine and with the families of the dead soldiers from Transcarpathia.

On April 7, Cardinal Woelki took part in the festive hierarchical Liturgy on the occasion of the Annunciation in the Annunciation Church in Uzhgorod. In his words, he thanked all the faithful for “your testimony of faith and your hospitality.” During these days I learned a lot from you. And I will speak about this experience in Germany and especially in my diocese in Cologne.”


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    • erinms | 13 December 2018, 17:46

      Be very leery about gender identity laws in Ukraine. Take a lesson from Canada where the lgbt movement has a stranglehold on politicians. Some of these laws have created a nightmare of outlandish

    • | 13 December 2018, 15:22

      Учасники Християнської суспільної платформи проти встановлення "гомодиктатури" в

    • | 13 December 2018, 09:59

      Ба більше. Саме з незалежної і воістину ХРИСТИЯНСЬКОЇ України, з нашого святого і славного ІІ Єрусалима - Києва і має розпочатися вельми могутня й животворна - натхненна, генерована й керована Божим

    • | 13 December 2018, 08:52

      Геть від ординсько-імперської Москви та ультраліберастно-збоченної Гейропи! ---- Та всією, натхненною і провадженою Святим Духом, незалежною і Господом спасенною та благословенною - воістину

    • fedirtsiv | 13 December 2018, 02:31

      Дуже добре, що уряд не слухає усіляких святенників турчинових, а робить реальні та важливі кроки для розвитку українського суспільства:

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