Pre-Frankfurt Rights Show: ChristianTrade’s Marketsquare Europe To Take Place in Kyiv

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ChristianTrade Association International is organizing a two-day translation rights show in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event, 7 – 8 October, will take place just before the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

“Marketsquare Europe is planned immediately after training organized by Literature in New Kontexts (LINKS) for the Ukrainian Christian Publishers Association (UCPA),” says Kim Pettit, executive director for ChristianTrade. Approximately 40 Ukrainian publishers are expected to attend the training beginning Wednesday, October 5th, which will cover topics ranging from financial planning to marketing to copyrights.  

Marketsquare Europe begins October 7th, “We are excited about the opportunity this year’s Marketsquare Europe presents for rights business, training, and encouragement in our work to multiply the impact of Christian literature around the world,” says Pettit.

“ChristianTrade is pleased to announce that scholarships are available,” adds Pettit. “We are covering food, lodging and some travel costs for Eastern European publishers outside Ukraine to attend this event. If there is a publisher you know is not able to go to Frankfurt, encourage him or her to come to Kiev and visit with you at Marketsquare Europe.” Scholarships will be assigned with exhibitor input, on a first-come, first-served basis. Publishers from Poland, Russia and Slovakia are already planning to attend.

Markestsquare Europe will also include the fifth annual European Christian Book of the Year contest, highlighting excellence in original Christian titles by European publishers. Marketsquare Europe delegates vote for the titles during the convention.

For  more information, to obtain applications to attend or exhibit at Marketsquare Europe, or to participate in the European Christian Book of the Year contest, please contact Kim Pettit (+1-719-432-8428; or visit To register online today, please go to person in Ukraine: Elena Tsertij, executive director of Ukrainian Christian Publishers Association (UCPA) by phone +380684599066 or via e-mail

ChristianTrade Association International is a worldwide association of nations, companies, and individuals committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by distributing Christian resources. It holds international regional conventions in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America; publishes an annual Christian-trade directory; hosts international events at CBA’s International Christian Retail Show; and serves as a catalyst for growing the Christian trade worldwide. For more information, please visit or e-mail

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    • | 17 January 2020, 18:36

      Так що: СОДОМИТСТВО - це таки ГРІХ?! :)

    • fedirtsiv | 17 January 2020, 13:26

      Відомо, що в РПЦ та УПЦ МП століттями практикується педофілія. І сам Агафангел далеко не ангел. А церковників покривають рекетири-бандити. Хто буде нарешті визнавати свої численні гріхи, щиросердно

    • | 17 January 2020, 11:35

      А также. Я, бывало, наблюдал некоторые публичные мероприятия тех людей (якобы "верующих во Христа"), которые свою - и только свою - церковную организацию считают "истинной" и

    • | 17 January 2020, 10:52

      А, значит, истинная Церковь - это исключительно какая-то внешняя оргструктура (эклезиальная юрисдикция), которую её руководство - на основании каких-то конкретных правил (канонов), им понимаемых

    • ultimaratio22 | 17 January 2020, 10:02

      Безусловно, Церковь Христова каноническая. Церковь не зависит от вашего субъективного мнения. Вам остаётся отнести себя или к этой канонической Церкви, или к чертям. Выбор за вами.

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