Russian Communist MP Gavrilov accuses head of Ukrainian delegation to Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy of inciting protesters in Georgia and insulting Putin

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The protest of Georgian parliamentarians and the Ukrainian delegation against the participation of Russian representatives in the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, in particular, and against Russia's Communist MP Gavrilov, who was elected President of the IOA a year ago, continues.

Due to a significant public outcry, the IAO was forced to close the meeting early. Outraged citizens of Georgia came to the hotel where members of the Russian delegation lived to protest against their presence at the Assembly.

The head of the Ukrainian delegation, Viktor Yelensky, came out to the protesters and told the media that he condemned Russia's occupation of such Orthodox countries as Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and that Russia's actions put an end to pan-Orthodox solidarity.


After the end of communication with the press, Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov accused Victor Yelensky of inciting the protesters, insulting the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and did everything possible to separate the Ukrainian MP from participants of the General Assembly of IAO.

Victor Yelensky responded to this statement, which was distributed by his assistant consultant Dmytro Horyevoy.

He said that for reasons of personal security and prevention of provocations on the part of the Russian delegation, it was decided to accommodate MP Viktor Yelensky in the territory of the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia.

Now there are no life and safety threats to Victor Yelensky, but until the end of the IAO, he will stay on the territory of the diplomatic institution.

As it was previously reported, the session of the Assembly began with a scandal. A year ago, the representative of the Communist party of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Gavrilov was elected President of the IAO. As President of the IAO, he was to chair the session of the General Assembly. Since the event was held in the Parliament of Georgia, Gavrilov had to take the place of the Speaker of Parliament. This caused a protest on the part of the opposition factions European Georgia and United National Movement. Representatives of Georgia's parliamentary majority also supported their colleagues. The leader of the ruling faction Archil Talakvadze said that the Russians should have no place in the Parliament of Georgia: Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili also expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russian delegation. The Ambassador of Ukraine also reacted negatively to Gavrilov's presence.

Gavrilov, when asked by journalists, whether he was comfortable in the country, 20% of which is occupied by Russia, said: "No discomfort. I'm very happy. Georgia is my homeland."

According to Russian MP Sergey Gavrilov, because of whose visit to Tbilisi mass protests began in Georgia, believes that the riots in Tbilisi are caused by the inconsistency of the Georgian authorities.

At least 52 people, including 38 law enforcement officers, were injured during the protests in Tbilisi.

Special forces opened fire on the protesters with rubber bullets. The police used tear gas.

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  • Михаил | 21 June 2019, 14:38
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    Я не понимаю два момента. 1) Как можно было выбрать коммуниста председателем этой организации? Кто его выбрал, зачем? 2) При всём при этом не думаю, что он сам решил сесть в кресло главы парламента. Ещё скажите, что он дрался, ругался и требовал себе только это кресло и не соглашался на другое. Такие вопросы строго регламентированы протоколом, самовольство не допускается. И, наконец, зачем религиозные мероприятия проводить в государственном учреждении? Отдайте кесарю кесарево, а Богу - Богово.

    • enzian | 21 June 2019, 18:24
      comment comment

      Наївність просто розчулює.

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  • barni | 17 August 2019, 20:22

    Та ні "Нінєль-міхуєль" я був неароджений простою УКРАЇНСЬКОЮ СЕЛЯНКОЮ, в простій українській хаті, з діда-прадіда правовослвній родині(на відміну від тебе). Електика в мене в хаті є. А

  • enzian | 17 August 2019, 16:18

    Мішка, пий зеленку і закусюй бинтом. Добре допомагає від москвославія головного мозку.

  • Михаил | 17 August 2019, 14:24

    Вам пора лечиться электричеством! Во всех ваших комментариях, вы постоянно говорите гадости про Католическую Церковь и даже про самого Папу. Вас что, в детстве уронили с третьего этажа или просто

  • barni | 15 August 2019, 19:37

    Що ж, поблагослови Господи, ВИБРАНИЙ БОГОМ НАРОД !!!

  • barni | 15 August 2019, 19:30

    При всій повазі до владики Св"ятослава, але ж він фальшивить, простіть владико, але простонародною мовою Ви просто БРЕШЕТЕ, яке відношення має КАТОЛИЦЬКА ЦЕРКВА, до Київської Софії !?

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