Roman Catholic Bishop tells what can save Ukraine and Europe from devastating war today

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Майнек.jpgOn February 8, Ordinary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mukachevo Antal Maynek published an appeal regarding the events in eastern Ukraine. In it he calls the faithful to prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine, and stresses that only “a growing number of pure and peace-loving hearts can save Ukraine and Europe from the ravages of war.”

“Our prayer, people’s prayer will be effective not if we pray and fast a lot, but if we add the peace of our heart to prayer for peace. As the prayer for peace of the man will be futile if there is anger in his heart. The one who hates at least one person is asking in vain. We know that more and more Christians pray on both sides, and thanks God more and more politicians are disposed to peace. But this is not enough. We must speak out against war, against the killing of people, especially innocent civilians who desire to live in peace. The fact that some or other political forces want war is their own fault –it’s a glaring sin to heaven. Our goal is not only a passive prayer, but also the struggle for peace. As Jesus said, blessed are the peacemakers,”goes the statement.

As Bishop notes, from the story of Abraham we know that God would like to save Sodom from deserved punishment if he found ten righteous. "How many people praying with pure heart God requires for salvation of the cities and population in eastern Ukraine? Certainly much more,” Bishop Antal asks the question and answers.

In his appeal he gives an example of the following story: “Petrus Pavlitsek, a Franciscan monk, convinced the Austrian populationafter World War II that at least a million people who pray should be found and then God will probably save them from the Soviet occupation. Indeed, in a short time people gathered for prayer, from the simplest people up to the politicians. And much to the world’s surprise in 1955, the Soviet troops really left Austria. Now our country, and even to Europe may be saved from even more devastating war only by the growing number of clean and peaceful hearts.”

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  • Мирослава Баранецька | 12 February 2015, 23:13
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    Молитися за мир, за волю, за Україну - це і є чисте і мирне серце!!! Бог керує світом.Бог є голова Церкви.І політика в Церкві це політика Бога, а не людини.Ніхто не закликає воювати, а захищатися від агресора.Ми українці хочемо миру,бо так хоче Господь, а війна, це тимчасове зло, яке не походить від Бога.Каїн вбив молодшого брата Авеля, а не Бог.А Бог є справедливий суддя.І своїх дітей він спасе, і розмножить їх і буде текти у нашому краї мед і молоко, а не сльози і кров.

  • Базиліо Паладін | 11 February 2015, 22:55
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    Тут мобілізацію оголошують,всеукраїнська Рада церкоз закликає йти воювати, а цей єпископ наголошує, що "нашу країну зможе врятувати...лише ЗРОСТАЮЧА кількість чистих і МИРНИХ сердець". Він що ваступає проти політики Церкви і проти мобілізації? Ату його, в тюрму.

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    Дятел - птичка невинная, а это - аспид сатанинский

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    Я вже писав: Міша ти рашиський дятел!!!

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