Adherents of Moscow Patriarchate severely beat two elderly OCU believers in Volyn

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Adherents of the Moscow Patriarchate violently beat two supporters of the transition to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, who guarded a church in the village of Chetvertnya, Manevytsi district of Volyn.

This is reported by VolynUA.

The incident happened on the night of May 1, 2019, in the church yard.

According to local residents, after more than two thirds of the community's citizens on Thursday voted for the transition to the OCU, two elderly Ukrainians decided to protect the church and stay at the bell tower so that the opponents did not take anything from there.

Fears of the OCU adherents proved to be grounded: in the middle of the night, a group of supporters of the Moscow Church came to the church and tried to open the door. The church guards came to the sound of clanking keys and prevented robbery.

The unequal fight ended in a brutal beating of the elderly people who got into the hospital following the incident. According to their words, one of the visiting priests who came from Chetvertnya, although now he has his own parish of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ratnivshchyna, beat them with decisive cruelty.

Law enforcement officers were called to the scene of the incident, who are currently solving the issue of entering appropriate information on the crime into the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations.

Most likely, in order to find out all the circumstances of the incident, the historic church in Chetvertnya will be sealed.

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    • barni | 26 June 2019, 22:52

      "Михайле", визнаю, здивував, я так розумію, що феесбешно-гундяєвська команда "Фас" незадовго, може спрацювати проти самих же командодавців. 2. Дякую за додаткову тобі назву

    • Zenia | 26 June 2019, 22:50

      Прес-секретар цілком правий! Треба молитися за Філарета... він сам себе поховав і губить свою душу, плутаючи затьмареним старим розумом правду з москальською брехнею....

    • Zenia | 26 June 2019, 22:48

      Мишка, а ты когда за свои грехи лживой рашистской пропаганды и за Иудины сребреники ответишь, гнида ты москальская? Гадишь тут под каждым постом об украинской церкви, дьявольское ты отродье!

    • Agiopolis | 26 June 2019, 22:39

      Дятел - птичка невинная, а это - аспид сатанинский

    • serge1717 | 26 June 2019, 17:14

      Я вже писав: Міша ти рашиський дятел!!!

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