Russian Orthodox Church raises RUR 21 million to aid Japan

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The Russian Orthodox Church has raised over 21 million rubles (about $750,000) by mid-April to aid the victims of natural disaster in Japan, the official Church website reports.

Most funds were transferred to the account of the Japan autonomous Orthodox Church. Its primate Metropolitan Daniel of Tokyo and All Japan has expressed his gratitude to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia for the support granted.

According to Metropolitan Daniel, the funds will be allocated for the restoration of churches damaged in the disaster.

By updated information, one Orthodox church was completely destroyed and five churches suffered material damages in the earthquake and tsunami which had hit Japan. Money to aid the Orthodox believers in Japan may be transferred to the account of the Synodal Department of Church Charity. Please, indicate “aid to Japan” in the “payment purpose” column.


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    • | 8 December 2018, 08:04

      Размечтался... :)

    • Михаил | 7 December 2018, 22:27

      После томоса Варфоломей не сможет носить титул "Константинопольский патриарх". Будет предан общеправославному церковному суду и низложен, за раскол Мирового Православия и "восточный

    • enzian | 6 December 2018, 15:52

      "... никак не могу поверить ..." - Виходить, досі нахабно і безсоромно брехав і обмовляв порядну людину?

    • b111 | 6 December 2018, 15:32

      Хто про що, а вшивий...

    • Михаил | 6 December 2018, 13:57

      P.S. Даже всех денег Путина (а он награбил около 300 млрд.$) не хватило бы, чтобы удовлетворить жадность Денисенко!