Major Religions

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More than 97% of the religious communities now registered in Ukraine are Christian. About half of these communities are of the Orthodox tradition. The other half is divided among Catholics and Protestants.

There are three major Orthodox jurisdictions in Ukraine:

There are three Catholic churches represented in Ukraine:

In addition, there has been an apostolic nuncio in Ukraine since 1992.

The Pre-Chalcedonian Armenian Apostolic Church has communities in Ukraine.

A part of the Christian faithful belong to the Protestant churches.

Ukraine also has Jewish and Muslim communities.

Non-traditional and New Religious Movements have also come to Ukraine. The amount of communities and the amount of faithful of these groups are growing dynamically.

The All-Ukraine Council of Churches and Religious Organizations unites all the major registered religious groups in Ukraine.

Various groups are involved with Religious Studies on the Internet.

Materials used to prepare this section include printed and electronic publications of the various religious confessions and Ukraine's National Committee on Religious Matters, the reference work “Christian Churches and Religious Organizations in Ukraine” (main editor V. Bondarenko, Kyiv: ViP, 2001), “A Religious Studies Lexicon” (edited by A. Kolodnyi and B. Lobovyk, Kyiv: Fourth wave, 1996), religious studies conferences, and other sources.

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