Apostolic Nunciature in Ukraine

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The Apostolic Nunciature in Ukraine is the authorized diplomatic representative office of the Vatican state. It was established in 1992. Ukraine has had intermittent relations with the Holy See since the end of the 10 th century. Relations became more active in the 13 th century. In 1253, Pope Innocent IV crowned King Danylo of Halych.

The Western Ukrainian People's Republic maintained diplomatic relations with the Vatican. The Western Ukrainian People's Republic was created in November 1918 and annexed to Poland eight months later. In May 1919, its ambassador, Count Mykhailo Tyshkevych, was received by Pope Benedict XV and on 23 February, 1920 , Fr. Giovanni Genocci was appointed apostolic visitator in Ukraine. He returned to Rome in December 1921 due to the Bolshevik offensive.

On 28 March 1992, John Paul II appointed Archbishop Antonio Franco the first apostolic nuncio in independent Ukraine.

Archbishop Nikola Eterovic was appointed the second apostolic nuncio in Ukraine in 1999. On 22 March 2004, Archbishop Eterovic left Ukraine.

Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic was the third nuncio in Ukraine appointed in 2004.

In 2011 Pope Benedict XVI has appointed apostolic Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson, titular Archbishop of Bomarzo, as nuncio in Ukraine.

The archbishop was born on August 14, 1950, in Sioux Falls (South Dakota, USA), and was ordained priest on June 27, 1976.

On October 2, 2004, he was appointed titular Archbishop of Bomarzo and the same day, the apostolic nuncio in Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and S. Vincent and Grenadines, reported radiovaticana.org.

On December 15, 2004, he was appointed apostolic nuncio in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Suriname. On December 20 of the same year he was appointed apostolic nuncio in Grenada, also in the Antilles.

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