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A 10-year-old girl from Lviv, Roksolana Prochko, has been struggling with acute lymphoblastic leukemia for a long time. She first fell ill in 2013, when she was only 4 years old. Then they managed to raise the necessary funds and she took a course of intensive chemotherapy for a year. The disease seemed to have receded…

Врятуймо Роксолану Прочко

"After a year of treatment here in Lviv, and passed 8 blocks of intensive chemotherapy, should, unfortunately, continue treatment abroad," wrote mother Lena Holonyuk-Prochko. After examinations and treatment in various clinics, parents stopped at the hospital in Israel, where they are already.

On Facebook, there is a special page with all the relevant information. Friends and colleagues hold various charity events to raise the necessary 320 thousand dollars.

"My dear friends, I am now writing about what I have been most concerned about for the past two months. And this, alas, concerns not only the health of our Roksolana. It is primarily a question of money.

With your help, we have collected almost half of the amount, this will be enough for car-t therapy and examination. With these funds, we have already begun the process of treatment. But we still need $ 180,000 more. This is the price of transplantation. We are short of time -1 month", - mother Olena wrote today.

"I know that everyone is tired, and I know that there are a lot of such requests in Ukraine. But I also know our nation — at crucial moments we could do the impossible and show the world our strength and cohesion.

Therefore, I appeal to all of you - fulfil for our daughter for the Christmas holidays her most cherished dream, of which she asked in a letter to St. Nicholas. Being HEALTHY!"

Bank details of the girl's father Yuriy Prochko:

  • PrivatBank UAH card: 4731 2191 1553 5159;
  • Monobank UAH card: 5375 4141 1141 0139;
  • Monobank Euro card: 5375419902413978 Yuriy Prochko
  • International translations: IBAN IT07Y0306936231100000002018, For Yuriy Prochko

You can make your donation via gofundme.

Врятуймо Роксолану Прочко

The RISU editorial board asks all its readers to join the fundraising effort for Roxolanka.

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