Archbishop of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and Diaspora travels to Brazil to participate in local church anniversaries

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Sep 9, 2018

As the nation of Brazil prepared to celebrate 196th Anniversary of Independence, the Ukrainian Orthodox communities of South America: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina entered into their own celebration, sharing the joy of historical legacy of Brazil with the Ukrainian-Brazilian community.

Over the Brazilian Independence Day weekend (6-9 September, 2018) His Eminence Archbishop Jeremiah, the Ruling Hierarch of the South American Eparchy under the spiritual omophorion of the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA celebrated the 25th anniversary of Archpastoral consecration at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.

Two other celebrations took place at the local Ukrainian Orthodox communities: Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Gongalves Jr, PR celebrated the 90th anniversary of its ministry among the faithful of Ukrainian-Brazilian community of the State of Parana. St. Volodymyr the Great Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Papanduva, Santa Catarina celebrated its 9th anniversary of spiritual existence.

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and Diaspora, under whose omophorion is the South American Eparchy, Archbishop Daniel traveled to Brazil in order to represent the Metropolitan at the festivities in time of his medical leave (following a tragic car accident on the eve of the Centennial Celebration of the UOC of the USA in South Bound Brook, NJ).

Vladyka Daniel was blessed to travel to Curitiba, Brazil with the group of pilgrims of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA: Very Rev. Fr. Volodymyr and Dobrodijka Mariya Muzychka of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (New York City, NY); Very Rev. Fr. Yuriy and Dobrodijka Olena Kasyanov of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Cheektowaga, NY) and Deacon Ivan Tchopko of St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Bound Brook, NJ).

While serving at three distinct locations in two different states of Brazil: Parana and Santa Catarina, Archbishop Daniel was accompanied by Archbishop Jeremiah of the Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of South America and Bishop Joseph of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of South America. Serving in Ukrainian, English, Portuguese, Greek and Spanish provided an opportunity for over 700 faithful to understand the Word of God in the language of their homeland. Many of the faithful in attendance were Ukrainian-Brazilians and Argentinians as well as Paraguayans that have shared the spiritual legacy of Ukrainian Orthodoxy throughout the past 100 years in their respectful countries. Children, wearing Ukrainian embroidery, serenaded bishops in the native tongues. The choirs in all three parishes led the chanting in Ukrainian and Portuguese languages, thus ensuring that the sacred hymns of Holy Orthodox Church proclaim the Mystery of God’s presence in the lives of the local communities.

Local greater Curitiba Ukrainian community embraced the visiting hierarchs and visitors and treated them to a historical account of the spiritual, economic and cultural development of Ukrainian community in Brazil. Vladyka Daniel greeted Archbishop Jeremiah on behalf of His Eminence Metropolitan Antony, reflecting upon the years of spiritual formation of the archbishop at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Bound Brook, NJ as well as the accomplishments of Vladyka Jeremiah in supporting and developing parishes and missions in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguayan and Venezuela. In conclusion of his remarks, Archbishop Daniel, presented Vladyka Jeremiah, on behalf of Metropolitan Antony, a set of archpastoral vestments. Very Rev. Fr. Volodymyr Muzychka and Very Rev. Fr. Yuriy Kasyanov gifted the archbishop two miters and ecclesiastical eagles.

Responding to Vladyka Daniel’s greeting, Archbishop Jeremiah offered emotional testimony to his path of archpastoral service and asked for the remembrance in prayers as he continues to serve the flock of Christ. The weekend celebrations concluded in Papanduva, Santa Catarina at the local St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox parish, where the large Ukrainian Orthodox parish prepared a jubilee banquet in honor of Archbishop Jeremiah and visiting hierarchs.


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