Ukrainian democracy: the role of religious people

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ДемократияThe life of the Ukrainian society, in particular, religious life becomes increasingly politicized. The parliamentary election is to be held on 28 October and the election campaign is at its peak.                                                                        RISU monitors the involvement of Ukrainian Churches and religious organizations in the election processes and the readers probably have noticed that the number of materials bordering on politics, social and religious areas is growing.It will continue to grow during the next two months. However, before  all the other subjects are lost in the election wave, RISU editors propose to meditate more deeply on the political themes during September not only in the format of a response to the election.                                               

Therefore, RISU has chosen “Democracy in the Ukrainian way” to be the theme of September, 2012. Does it exist? If yes, what is it like and if not, why not?  What do Ukrainian Churches and religious organizations do, fail to do or what they can do to develop democracy in Ukraine? Should they interfere in the political life (and in what way) if politics and politicians interfere in the spiritual area?  What does it mean to be  a believer? Is a believer a good citizen? Why is the country with one of the highest levels of religiosity one of the most corrupted countries in Europe?  Why does not the rule of the faith become the rule of life?  What does it mean to take the responsibility for the society and its future?                             

We will ask our experts these questions and will ask them to think together. The 5th Ecumenical Week to  be  conducted by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University on 24-30 September will also be a good opportunity for that. We invite our readers to express their opinions on the following question: Should the Churches and religious organizations interfere in the social and political life and in what way?

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  • kotzk | 8 January 2018, 16:06
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    Демократия - от импортных импортным. Местные жили племенем, сами выяснят, был вождь или нет. Длинные цивилизации долго строили зигзаги борьбы за деньги и против. Местные ни при чем. Когда брали в плен или приезжали из других племён здесь жить, завозили вирус 'богато-бедно'. Когда пан взял в плен скифа и сармата, какой у них был строй? Коэффициент религиозности - статистика пересчета в храмах по праздникам или в сектах на лекциях? Количество конфессий в государстве определяет скорость его гибели.

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