Paul A. Koroluk's blog

A priest of the Kyiv Patriarchate and pastor of the UOC-KP mission to Japan.
  • The Body and Blood of our Lord

    To show respect for God, and to humbly accept the Mysteries, we must avoid either extreme, either denying that the bread and wine are the Body and Blood of our Lord, or to deny that the Body and Blood of our Lord are bread and wine.

    15 March 2020, 02:10 | 

  • Embracing Science

    As long as we are clear which model we are using, conflict between science and faith is impossible.

    17 April 2017, 07:13 | 

  • Real Pride

    We Ukrainians have a chance to show the world the real gift of pride.

    7 June 2016, 11:42 | 

  • Nadiya

    Hope must not die.

    7 March 2016, 09:29 | 

  • Test All Prophets

    Not all voices in opposition are actually voices of the opposition.

    2 February 2016, 10:04 | 

  • Poppies

    Poppies can remind us of the cost, and of the costly currency in which these debts must be paid.

    3 May 2015, 23:36 | 

  • "Putin's Othodox Jihad"

    Ignoring the cooperative misuse of the Russian Orthodox Church by the Russian state harms the church, the faith, and the people.

    15 January 2015, 09:23 |