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Вірний Грeцького православного архідіоцeзу у CША. За фахом біолог, викладач біологічних дисциплін в унівeрситeті. Українeць, патріот України.
  • Language

    My meanderings over the linguistic situation in Ukraine

    23 October 2010, 00:52 | 

  • About Something Called "The Apostolic Canons"

    Quite often, I see on this Web portal a lot of irony related to the word “canonical.” People poke fun on Canons and “the Canonicals,” meaning, under the latter, the clergy and the hierarchs of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (formerly UOC-Moscow Patriarchate). I believe it’s worth recalling, just what these Apostolic Canons are.

    8 July 2010, 19:12 | 

  • Membership and activities in a local religious community (parish)

    A few quick thoughts related to RISU's "topic of the month"

    3 June 2010, 15:25 | 

  • My Orthodox "kerygma" in the Deep South

    Reflections of a lay Orthodox faithful about preaching his faith in the predominantly non-Orthodox world of the American South

    31 May 2010, 18:19 | 

  • My Polemics with Mr. P.M. (a.k.a. Yur) at the Maidan Forum

    This has been posted in Ukrainian already, but I just thought, maybe I should also post this in English, esp. since my parish priest speaks and reads Enlish but not Ukrainian.

    25 May 2010, 20:42 |