Статті за тегом

  • 23 December 2011, 12:53 | Society-digest | 

    Children's book celebrates Ukrainian Christmas

    Marion Mutala wants children to gain a greater understanding about the traditions associated with a Ukrainian Christmas, and to learn more about the rich history of the European nation.

  • 23 December 2011, 12:40 | Society-digest | 

    Without ‘Zhyd,’ Vertep tells story of Jesus Christ’s birth

    Vertep, which in Ukrainian means “cave,” refers to where Jesus was born. The plays were originally designed to inform people on Christmas Eve that the savior is here. It started off as a puppet theater, but eventually split up into two genres a few centuries ago, including a full-scale dramatic performance.

  • 22 November 2011, 13:32 | International relations | 

    Yanukovych to present Christmas tree as Ukraine's gift to Vatican

    Ukraine will send a Christmas tree to the Vatican for the first time, and President Viktor Yanukovych will personally present the gift, the Ministry of Infrastructure reported on Tuesday.

  • 11 January 2011, 08:54 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    About 1,000 children from eastern Ukraine spent Christmas in Lviv

    Within the framework of the “East and West Together” campaign about 1,000 schoolchildren and teachers from Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Kherson, Kharkiv, Crimea, and Kyiv oblasts came to Lviv to celebrate Christmas.

  • 5 January 2011, 11:11 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    January 7 Christians celebrate Christmas according to Julian calendar

    All Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, most Ukrainian Evangelical Christians and Jerusalem, Russian, Serbian, and Georgian Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7. This day is an official public holiday in Ukraine.

  • 5 January 2011, 10:30 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    Ukrainians Prepare for Christmas Eve on January 6

    Christmas is preceded by a four-week fast, the time of spiritual purification. The culmination of the celebratory preparation is the Christmas Eve, the day of vigil, prayer and fasting.

  • 25 December 2010, 10:25 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    Christmas According to Gregorian Calendar Celebrated on December 25

    Christmas is celebrated on December 25 by the Roman Catholic Church, most Protestant Churches, and some Orthodox ones including the Church of Constantinople (except Athos), Antioch, Alexandria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece.

  • 24 December 2010, 12:41 | Kaleidoscope-digest | 

    Christmas in Ukraine

    Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 7. A Christmas tree on Independence Square in Kiev doubles as a New Year's tree. While celebrating Christmas was not accepted during much of the 20th century, an increasing number of families celebrate Christmas in Ukraine.