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  • 11 September 2017, 14:57 | UGCC | 

    Synod of Bishops of the UGCC to adopt a new charter, as “Church has grown”

    The Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is planning to adopt the new Charter of the Synod. This was stated by Archbishop and Metropolitan Yevgeny (Popovich of Przemysl and Warsaw, Head of the Canonical Department of the UGCC in an interview with the Department of Information of the UGCC.

  • 30 January 2017, 12:05 | Religion and society | 

    Due to the high causality rate on the roads UGCC hierarchs urge the faithful to adhere to safety rules

    The Synod of Bishops of the UGCC calls upon the clergy and faithful of the UGCC and all people of good will to follow the rules of road safety.

  • 9 March 2016, 10:37 | Church-state relations | 

    The history of the UGCC is a history of courageous endurance and heroic resistance, - President of Ukraine

    The History of the Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church in the second half of the Twentieth century is a history of courageous endurance and heroic resistance, indestructibility of spirit and unwavering faith in the triumph of good over evil.

  • 5 March 2016, 15:08 | UGCC | 

    Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishops met the Pope Francis

    "As pastors we spoke out on behalf of the people, the Pope heard us!", briefly commented bishop Ken Nowakowski of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of New Westminster.

  • 20 May 2015, 12:03 | Temples, church property | 

    Canadian sponsors express concern about the destruction of the main Greek Catholic temple in Kyiv

    May 17, in the representative office of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) Chairman of the supervisory board of the construction division at the Patriarchal Cathedral Church Bishop Iosyp (Milian) met with the head of the Canadian-Ukrainian foundation Victor Getmanchuk.

  • 19 May 2015, 09:09 | UGCC | 

    Members of the working group discussed areas of development of UGCC in Lviv

    On May 15-16, 2015 members of the Working Group on Implementation of the Strategy 2020 pondered over the implementation of the priority areas of development of the UGCC in 2013-2015 under the program “Live parish is a place to meet the living Christ.”

  • 17 October 2014, 13:42 | Society-digest | 

    A Conversation with His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk

    Cardinal Dolan speaks with His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, about the Church in the Ukraine.

  • 2 October 2014, 10:16 | Temples, church property | 

    Chapel in memory of deceased Ukrainian soldiers consecrated in Kolomyia

    On September 27, a chapel with a statue of the Mother of God dedicated to the soldiers who died in the ATO was consecrated in Kolomyia.

  • 18 August 2014, 15:43 | UGCC | 

    Pro-Russian mercenaries in Donetsk seize Monastery of the Sisters Servants

    On Saturday, August 16, it became known that the premises of the monastery of All Saints of Ukrainian people of the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate in Donetsk was captured by the Pro-Russian mercenaries.

  • 1 July 2014, 11:18 | National religious question | 

    Priests from Carpathian region went to Kharkiv to help wounded in anti-terrorist operation

    The wounded soldiers staying at the Military Medical Clinical Center of the North region in Kharkiv were visited by medical chaplains from Western Ukraine.

  • 22 June 2014, 16:42 | International relations | 

    General Secretaries of Episcopal Conferences of Europe discussed the situation in Ukraine

    In Strasbourg (France) the assembly of General Secretaries of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe continues.

  • 19 June 2014, 08:50 | Society-digest | 

    The Catholic Difference

    An Open Letter to the Patriarch of Moscow

  • 11 December 2013, 07:20 | UGCC | view video | 

    Synod of the UGCC declared support and solidarity with all those on the Maydan Square

    Permanent Synod of Bishops of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, led by the head of the UGCC Patriarch Sviatoslav expressed concern over the actions of police and military units at the Independence Square at night from 10 to 11 December 2013, expressed their support and solidarity with the protesters and condemned the actions aimed at limiting the civil rights.

  • 18 August 2013, 12:13 | Vatican | 

    The 1025th anniversary of the Baptism will be a time of grace for the whole Ukrainian nation, Pope Francis

    On the occasion of the celebration 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus' and the consecration of August 18 in Kyiv, Patriarchal Cathedral Church Pope Francis sent the letter, read by the papal legate Cardinal Cardinal Audrys Juozas Bačkis.

  • 22 June 2013, 13:15 | Andrew Sorokowski's column | 

    The ecology of faith

    In a recent blog, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, Nuncio of the Holy See to Ukraine, takes issue with Sherry Weddell’s book on discipleship in the Catholic Church (“A Personal Relationship with Christ?”). He defends the importance of the “Volkskirche,” or “cultural Catholicism,” which should not be abandoned in favor of a purely personal religion.

  • 3 June 2013, 15:56 | Analysis | 

    A Brief Reflection On The Urgency Of Language And Inculturation Within The UGCC Abroad

    I am a Ukrainian Greek Catholic without Ukrainian roots, and an American married to an Austrian living in country where my native tongue is not spoken and serving in a Ukrainian parish, whose traditions, language, saints and culture are very dear to my heart.

  • 18 September 2012, 08:40 | Andrew Sorokowski's column | 

    Should the Church have secrets?

    The announcement that the upcoming Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church would be held in secret once again raises the question of whether secrecy in the Church is a good thing or not. In fact, one of the themes of the journalism conference to be held in Lviv on October 20 is “transparency” in the Church.

  • 20 March 2012, 09:54 | Andrew Sorokowski's column | 

    Was the Church a source of fascism?

    According to one report, in his March 1 talk about Stepan Bandera at the German embassy in Kyiv, Polish-born German historian Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe placed special emphasis on the “active and direct participation of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in support of the OUN-UPA, precisely as a movement with a pro-fascist ideology.” He even called it “a source of Ukrainian fascism.” Could this be so?

  • 18 February 2012, 09:39 | Andrew Sorokowski's column | 

    Beyond Identity

    Ever since the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (1962-1965), the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church has been concerned with restoring its “Eastern” identity – or more properly, its Kyivan-Byzantine identity. The Decree on the Eastern Catholic Churches (1964) called upon Eastern Catholics to “preserve their legitimateliturgical rite and their established way of life,” to“attain to an ever greater knowledge and a more exact use of them” and, if needed, “take steps to return to their ancestral traditions”

  • 23 December 2011, 15:29 | Society-digest | 

    Answering the Call

    Recently ordained priests rejuvenate the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church