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  • 3 July 2019, 15:18 | Monitoring

    Russia uses wholesale arrests to try crush Crimean Tatar human rights movement

    Russia is using fabricated charges carrying huge sentences to try to crush the Crimean Solidarity movement in occupied Crimea and all Crimean Tatar human rights activists. This is the damning assessment of the Memorial Human Rights Centre which has recognized as political prisoners all 24 Crimean Tatar activists arrested in Russia’s most recent ‘operation’.

  • 13 May 2019, 08:41 | National religious question | 

    Kyiv remembers deported Crimean Tatars

    Commemoration of the victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people is necessary in order to prevent such catastrophes from being repeated. This was stated by the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, MP of Ukraine Refat Chubarov during an event in Kyiv arranged to commemorate the victims of the deportation of the Crimean Tatar people in 1944, Ukrinform reports.

  • 15 April 2019, 15:35 | Freedom of Conscience | 

    Russian law enforecement in Crimea search mosque, house of imam

    Russian security forces conducted a search on April 15 in a mosque in the village of Shturmove in the city of Sevastopol. After "investigative measures” they went to the house of the imam of the mosque, Rustem Abilev. Russian mass media are working on site. This is reported by Crimean Solidarity, according to KTRC.

  • 27 March 2019, 15:00 | Religious intolerance and vandalism | 

    Occupiers in Crimea held mass raids as part of Hizb ut-Tahrir case

    The employees of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Rosgvardiya raided at least 25 houses of the Crimean Tatars in the annexed Crimea on March 27 as part of criminal cases against several Crimean residents suspected of participating in the activities of the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir in Russia.

  • 25 January 2019, 12:20 | Monitoring

    CRIMEA: Four years in jail for mosque meetings

    Crimea's Supreme Court jailed 49-year-old Muslim Renat Suleimanov for four years for meeting with others in mosques to discuss their faith. Three others were given suspended sentences. All were accused of membership of the Tabligh Jamaat missionary movement, banned in Russia. All denied any "extremism".

  • 2 January 2019, 11:08 | International relations | 

    Patriarch Bartholomew wishes Crimean Tatars quick return to Homeland

    The leader of the Crimean Tatars, MP Mustafa Dzhemilev will be present at the handing over of the Tomos to the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy, in Istanbul. As Dzhemilev shared, he had already met with the Ecumenical Patriarch and had a conversation with him.

  • 26 December 2018, 12:02 | Religion and policy | 

    Muslims are not terrorists: flash mob to support Crimean Tatars goes global

    Crimean Tatars from different parts of the world take part in a flash mob, organized on the eve of sentencing of the individuals of Bakhchisaray's Hizb ut-Tahrir case.

  • 10 December 2018, 15:04 | Monitoring

    Ukrainian Muslimahs Already Had Civil Rights While Muslimahs In Europe And America Were Only Dreaming About It

    Ukrainian Muslimahs’ League and Muslim Women's Social Organisation “Maryam” recently held the All-Ukrainian conference The Future of Society: Freedom of Choice or the Power of Stereotypes in Kyiv. More than a hundred women - politicians, civil servants, public activists, legal experts, psychologists, and others gathered in the conference hall of the Visak Hotel to discuss the respect for human rights and freedoms in Ukraine, the compliance of laws and regulations with ethical standards, the inadmissibility of discrimination on certain grounds and ways to overcome such manifestations, the fight against negative stereotypes, as well as the consequences of physical and psychological violence in the family and society.

  • 23 November 2018, 10:25 | Monitoring

    Russia uses collaborators for its plans to ‘nationalize’ property of the persecuted Crimean Tatar Mejlis

    The occupation authorities in Crimea appear to be planning to steal the property of the Mejlis, or self-governing body of the Crimean Tatar people, while describing this as ‘nationalization’. Russia is refusing to comply with a direct order from the UN’s International Court of Justice to withdraw its ban of the Mejlis, Instead it claims that a fake Qurultay, or national congress organized on 27 October by the Muftiate, which has chosen to collaborate with the Russian occupiers, speaks for the Crimean Tatar people.

  • 30 October 2018, 11:41 | Religion and society | 

    Emirali Ablaev re-elected Crimean Mufti

    Emirali Ablaev was re-elected the Mufti of Crimea for the next five years. The vote was held during the sixth Kurultay of the Crimean Tatars held in Simferopol. According to Islam Today, several hundred delegates from all regions of the peninsula took part.

  • 20 August 2018, 18:00 | Monitoring

    Tatar Muslims face increasing intimidation in Crimea

    The Crimean Tatars have historically faced persecution firstly under the Russian Empire then under the Soviets. Now back under Russian control there are reports of increasing persecution.

  • 9 July 2018, 12:05 | Religion and policy | 

    Russia automatically qualifies Crimean Tatar Muslims as terrorists

    Oleg Sentsov, a Kremlin's prisoner, is on a hunger strike demanding to release all Ukrainian political prisoners. They are over 60 only according to official information. Among them, 24 are held captive in the Russian Federation, 40 - in the Crimea. And every week new searches and arrests take place on the peninsula. Russia automatically qualifies as terrorists the Crimean Tatars who profess Islam, Channel 24 reports.

  • 19 February 2018, 11:20 | Church-state relations | 

    Russian Council of Crimean Tatars set up in Crimea

    In the annexed Crimea, the Russian-backed Crimean Tatar people's council was established to “provide feedback between the authorities and the population.” This is reported by Krym.Realia, which cites the Russian media.

  • 16 December 2016, 22:09 | Society-digest

    Crimean Tatars find new home in Lviv Oblast

  • 4 November 2014, 10:44 | Society-digest | 

    Faith in the time of annexation: A tough choice for Crimea's Churches

    Since Russia's annexation of Crimea in March, religious groups there – aside from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – are facing persecution, and restrictions on their ministry.

  • 25 September 2014, 19:43 | Society-digest | 

    Refat Chubarov: Repressions against Crimean Tatars are becoming life-threatening

    The text of the remarks made by Refat Chubarov, leader of the Mejlis, the executive-representative body of Crimean Tatars, at the United Nations' conference on indigenous peoples on Sept. 24.

  • 28 March 2014, 16:29 | Society-digest | 

    Thousands of Crimean refugees flee to mainland to escape Russia

  • 8 March 2014, 19:20 | Society-digest | 

    Don’t let Russia abuse Crimean history

  • 16 May 2013, 12:37 | AUCCRO, inter-confessional councils | 

    Interdenominational Council of Crimea Extends Condolences to Crimean Tatars on Deportation Anniversary

    The Crimean Interdenominational Council Peace is a Gift of God extended condolences to the Crimean Tatars on the 69th anniversary of the deportation of their nation from the Crimea.

  • 15 May 2013, 13:48 | Announcements | 

    Crimean Tatars to Commemorate Victims of Deportation

    Sürgünlik (Crimean Tatar for "exile") refers to the state-organized forcible deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 to the Uzbek SSR and other parts of the Soviet Union.