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  • 4 March 2020, 10:35 | International relations | 

    The autocephaly of the OCU irritates Russia, - Forbes

    Forbes magazine has published an article about the religious confrontation between Russia and Ukraine under the title "Fasting in Russia and Ukraine: piety and political confrontation". As Orthodox Christians started Lent on March 2, faith still remains the front line in the long-running conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the author of the article, journalist and expert on Russia and other post-Soviet countries, James Rogers, believes.

  • 10 February 2020, 22:07 | Society-digest | 

    DONBAS: Donetsk: Raid, fine for unregistered worship meetings

    Security forces of the unrecognised Donetsk People's Republic raided Protestant Sunday morning worship on 19 January. They interrogated church leaders at the police station.

  • 20 December 2019, 16:11 | Society-digest | view photo | 

    DONBAS: Luhansk: Gospel of John, Baptist books banned

    The unrecognised Luhansk People's Republic banned 12 Baptist books as "extremist", including an edition of the Gospel of John in the widely-used Russian Synodal translation.

  • 11 December 2019, 13:20 | Religion and policy | 

    Greek politician confirms attempts to block OCU recognition in the interests of Russia

    Greek right-wing eurosceptic politician Panos Kammenos, closely associated with Russia, frankly admitted that before the decision of the Church of Greece to recognize the OCU was made, he exerted pressure on Archbishop Hieronymus, demanding not to allow it.

  • 1 November 2019, 09:46 | UGCC | 

    “Reconciliation with the aggressor does not mean compromise with evil,” head of UGCC said

    Refraining from doing evil, telling the truth and communicating are important steps that can lead to reconciliation. However, we must not compromise with evil. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the head of the UGCC, noted this at the live broadcast "Open Church" on Thursday, October 31, 2019. This time the interlocutor of the Primate was Yuri Makarov – a journalist, TV presenter, documentary filmmaker, writer.

  • 18 October 2019, 14:24 | Society-digest | 

    DONBAS: Luhansk: Community work, fines, property seizure

    A Baptist leader in Krasnodon hopes to overturn a punishment of 20 hours' community work when the case resumes at the Supreme Court in Luhansk on 21 October.

  • 2 October 2019, 11:19 | Interchurch relations | 

    UGCC Patriarch met with William Taylor to discuss war and interfaith relations

    Patriarch Sviatoslav of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church held a working meeting with William Taylor, the Chargé d'Affaires of the United States in Ukraine. During the meeting, the parties discussed interfaith relations in Ukraine and the necessary conditions to maintain religious peace.

  • 24 September 2019, 13:41 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    War has showed which Church is Ukrainian and which only pretends to be such

    None of the Orthodox Churches ever gained independence without the support of the state. The Ukrainian Church is no exception.

  • 24 September 2019, 12:41 | Society-digest | 

    Moscow Patriarchate prefers enmity and unfair accusations

    Speech at the OSCE Conference in Warsaw

  • 19 September 2019, 16:27 | Freedom of Conscience | 

    Human rights activists urged the OSCE to monitor religious persecution in Crimea and Donbas

    On September 19, a special event dedicated to the issues of religious freedom in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories of Crimea and Donbas was held as part of the annual OSCE conference in Warsaw. The event, organized by the Center for Civil Liberties in partnership with the Institute of Religious Freedom, was attended by diplomats of OSCE participating countries, religious figures and social activists.

  • 5 September 2019, 13:15 | World news | 

    UN releases first report of Secretary General on human rights violations in Crimea

    The United Nations has released the first report by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on human rights violations in annexed Crimea. The report is published on the UN website. It will be presented at the 74th session of the UN scheduled for September

  • 22 August 2019, 11:46 | Religion and society | 

    Religious leaders prepare action plan to have Kremlin’s prisoners released

    Participants of the Round Table on Religious Freedom in Ukraine expect further effective action from the new leadership of Ukraine and the international community to have political prisoners, hostages and POWs illegally deprived of their liberty as a result of Russian aggression released.

  • 16 August 2019, 10:24 | Terrorism | 

    Pro-Russian militants involve priests in provocations on the front

    On the direction of Prymorsk city, Pro-Russian mercenaries provoke Ukrainian defenders. In particular – the do it with the involvement of priests. Meanwhile, they take advantage of Ukrainian soldiers not shooting in response, they strengthen their positions and bring up ammunition, reports "5 kanal", Ukrainian television station.

  • 31 July 2019, 13:51 | Religion and policy | 

    UOC-MP still undecided about status of war in Donbas

    Religious scholar Dmytro Horyevoy disclosed the manipulation of the representative of the UOC Moscow Patriarchate Mykolai Danylevych. In an interview with Radio Maria this priest in particular said that the Church is not bound to comment on the nature of the war in Donbas.

  • 2 May 2019, 12:38 | Andrew Sorokowski's column | 

    Donbas: Religious Freedom in Proxy-Occupied Areas

    In view of the restrictive 2018 Luhansk People’s Republic statute, it is not surprising that some groups declined to apply for registration, while others were refused. The result is that many religious communities find themselves outside the law…. the 48 Baptist Union congregations have had to cease their activity altogether.

  • 29 April 2019, 09:27 | Faith and weapon | 

    Occupiers opened fire three times at Easter

    In the past few days, the armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the cease-fire regime three times, two of them with the use of a 82 mm mortar, banned by the Minsk agreements.

  • 28 February 2019, 11:39 | National religious question | 

    In Rome, Patriarch Sviatoslav refutes Russian propaganda myth on civil war in Ukraine

    In his speech during a round table in Rome on February 26, His Beatitude Sviatoslav refuted Russian propaganda disinformation about the civil war in Ukraine as a result of the conflict between Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking citizens.

  • 5 February 2019, 10:20 | Religion and policy | 

    Russian political scientist: Russia won't wage war on Ukraine over church issue, it waits for regime change

    The Kremlin counts on the change of power in Ukraine after the election, therefore, the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that “Russia reserves the right to respond to the encroachment on the freedom of religion of the inhabitants of Ukraine” is unlikely to lead to military escalation over the coming months. This opinion was expressed in a comment to the publication Gordon by Russian political scientist Andriy Piontkovsky.

  • 1 February 2019, 10:22 | Religion and policy | 

    Putin ready to defend “canonical Orthodox” in Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia reserves the right to respond in the event of a threat of violations of the right to freedom of religion in neighboring countries.

  • 20 December 2018, 13:07 | International relations | 

    AUCCRO calls on Kremlin to release Ukrainian sailors and other captives

    Heads of Ukrainian Churches and Religious Organizations demand that the Russian authorities release Ukrainian sailors from under arrest, following the Russian armed aggression in the Kerch Strait three weeks ago.