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Marianna Karapinka

  • 16 August 2010, 10:12 | Review | 

    Events Digest: First Half of August

    In contrast to the end of July, which was clearly dominated by the topic of Orthodoxy due to the visit of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the first half of August, although not as rich in events and commentaries, saw several diverse events.

  • 29 July 2010, 14:05 | Mariana Karapinka's column | 

    Ukraine’s Famous Hospitality: Patriarch Kirill vs. Reporters Without Borders

    Some – with hope and confidence, some – with anger and sense of threat. Some call the visit purely political and gave Patriarch Kirill the nickname “Putin in a cassock,” others perceive it primarily as a pastoral visit and stress its liturgical component.

  • 16 July 2010, 15:31 | Analysis | 

    Religious Freedom in Ukraine in 2010

    Ukraine is one of the world leaders to respect religious freedom, said Yurii Reshetnikov, the Chairman (now former Chairman) of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions at the beginning of this year.

  • 17 May 2010, 16:25 | Mariana Karapinka's column | 

    Reconciliation of Memories

    The beginning of May is a challenge for Ukrainians: during this time the conflict of memories, which is always at stake in Ukrainian history and thus projected onto the present, becomes the most harsh and painful.