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Yurij Chornomorets

Doctor in philosophy, religious studies expert, theologian
  • 7 November 2011, 09:45 | Religious studies | 

    What the Christian social doctrine will be like in the XXI century?

    Today a new ressourcement takes place in the field of the Christian social doctrine. This ressourcement may be observed as in Orthodoxy, so in Catholicism and Protestantism. Christians are to be aware of the nature of these changes in the social doctrine, for it is the social doctrine that the actual stance of the Churches regarding law, social order, morals, human rights, individual and collective responsibility and freedom depends on.

  • 17 October 2011, 08:33 | Open theme | 

    The need of Ukrainian Radical Orthodoxy

    Today the Christians of Ukraine face two objective challenges. First, spiritual revival is required as a way out of the regional crisis of the church and social institutes that started already yesterday. Second, one has to find new forms of Christianization of the world as a way out of the global world outlook crisis referred to as postmodern ideology.

  • 15 September 2010, 12:33 | Religious mass media and Internet | 

    Theology Portal Launched

    On the first day of the liturgical year for the Eastern Christian calendar, 14 September, a new website - a theological portal (www.theology.in.ua), has been launched. It is the joint project of theologians of various Christian denominations.

  • 2 March 2010, 14:54 | Analysis | 

    Is there a chance for a single Orthodox Church in the future of Ukraine?

    If to characterize the situation of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, then it can be expressed with the help of the phrase: “Today everything is possible.” This expression also needs to be explained.