• 16 November 2018, 11:28 | Church-state relations | 

    Chief Rabbi of Ukraine claims to have evidence of NABU’s surveillance in Kyiv Synagogue

    The surveillance by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) officers in the Kyiv Synagogue was established with a probability of 99.97%. Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman wrote this on his Facebook page, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

  • 15 November 2018, 12:39 | Religion and society | 

    Spokesman of the UOC-KP: date of Unification Council not officially announced yet

    Spokesman for the Kyiv Patriarchate, Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya), has said that there is no official date for the Unification Council. Therefore, one should not trust numerous sources that persistently spread the rumors that it is about to happen at this or that date.

  • 15 November 2018, 10:03 | Ukrainians outside of Ukraine | 

    UGCC Head to lead in Italy commemorative events for Holodomor victims

    On Sunday, November 18, the Ukrainian community in Italy will mark the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, will lead the memorial service at the Cathedral of Naples in southern Italy.

  • 15 November 2018, 10:03 | Scandals, crime | 

    Provocators attempt to set St Andrew’s Church in Kyiv on fire

    On November 15, at around 7:20 in the morning, unknown persons threw Molotov cocktails at the door of the foundation floor of St. Andrew Church. The fire did not develop, damage was not done. A priest of the Kyivan Patriarchate, the commandant of the building, was attacked with a gas cartridge.

  • 14 November 2018, 12:35 | National religious question | 

    Patriarch Bartholomew appealed to Ukrainians on the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor

    Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew made an appeal to the Ukrainian people on the eve of the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine. Bartholomew also confirmed his decision to grant an autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church.

  • 14 November 2018, 10:11 | UOC (MP) | 

    Media reports names of three UOC (MP) bishops who eventually met with Poroshenko

    According to Relihiyna Pravda, three bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) arrived in the evening of November 13 to meet with Petro Poroshenko: Metropolitan Oleksandr (Drabynko) of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vyshneve, Metropolitan Simeon of Vinnytsia and Bary, and Archbishop Filaret of Nova Kakhovka and Henichesk.

  • 14 November 2018, 09:40 | Church-state relations | 

    President comments on cancelled meeting with UOC (MP): Moscow’s scenario

    President's team called such behavior of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) unacceptable because the Head of State deliberately proposed a neutral territory for the meeting. “This is their choice. So they showed that they continue their way not with Ukraine, but with Russia,” said a representative of President's Administration in an interview for BBC News Ukraine.

  • 13 November 2018, 17:55 | UOC (MP) | 

    Following Moscow, UOC-MP severs Eucharistic communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate

    The Synod of the UOC (MP), which was held today in Kyiv on November 13, severed the Eucharistic communion with Constantinople and banned their laity to partake of the sacraments administered by the clergy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

  • 13 November 2018, 17:11 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Council of Bishops of the UOC states that Constantinople set out on a path of schism

    The Council of the Bishops of the UOC (MP) which was held on November 13 in Kyiv reiterated that it deems invalid the decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate from October 11, 2018 concerning the Ukrainian Church.

  • 13 November 2018, 16:45 | Church-state relations | 

    UOC (MP) hierarchs ready to meet with President only on Church’s territory, the Council states

    The episcopate of the UOC (MP) is ready to meet with the President of Ukraine, but only on the Church’s territory, in particular on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, claims the statement of the Council of Bishops of the UOC-MP.

  • 13 November 2018, 16:13 | UOC (MP) | 

    Yevstratiy (Zoria): Council is a way to prevent UOC (MP) hierarchs from meeting with the President

    Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zoria), Spokesman for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate, explains point by point on his Facebook page why the recent meeting of the hierarchs of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate with the President was disrupted, and the unannounced beforehand Council of Bishops of the UOC (MP) was assembled.

  • 13 November 2018, 15:33 | Church-state relations | 

    Planned demarche: instead of meeting with the President, hierarchs of UOC (MP) assemble for the Council

    Instead of meeting with the President, something that was scheduled for November 13 at 2:00 pm, the bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) have assembled for the Council of Bishops.

  • 13 November 2018, 09:14 | Islam | 

    Ukrainian Muslims to assemble for 6th Congress in Kyiv

    Spirituality. Unity. Patriotism is a slogan of the 6th Congress of Muslims in Ukraine, to be held on November 23, in the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" in Kyiv which will gather about 4,000 Muslim delegates from all over Ukraine and will be the largest event of the Muslim community during the whole period of independence.

  • 12 November 2018, 15:26 | Faith and weapon | 

    A UGCC chaplain receives Presidential award

    A UGCC priest Mykhailo Dzyuba is the administrator of the church of the Holy Entrance to the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Nyzhny Verbizh. From the beginning of the confrontation on the Independence Square (Maidan) and during the time of the Revolution of Dignity, the priest did not stand aside, reports the Department of Information of the UGCC.

  • 12 November 2018, 10:37 | Faith and weapon | 

    Pastor from Donetsk reveals truth about the Russian World in his chronicles

    Yet another documentary book about the events in Donetsk in 2014-2015 will be released in the near future which was prepared by the volunteer and pastor of the Protestant Church, Serghiy Kosyak. He is more famous due to the large-scale humanitarian aid and support he provided to his fellow countrymen – residents of the front-line region. This is written by Uriadovy Courier.

  • 12 November 2018, 10:26 | Ukrainians outside of Ukraine | 

    Head of UGCC presides over festivities on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Sts Volodymyr and Olga parish in Chicago

    On November 11, while on his pastoral visit to the United States, Patriarch Sviatoslav presided over the Chicago Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Greek Catholic parish of Sts Volodymyr and Olga, founded by Patriarch Iosyp Slipyij. It is reported by the Department of Information of the UGCC.

  • 12 November 2018, 09:54 | Theology and religious education | 

    Protestants set to build educational center in Slovyansk on the model of UCU

    The parishioners of the Good News Church in Slovyansk, Donetsk region are set to build an educational center based on the model of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. A pastor of the church, Peter Dudnik told the media about it, reports Depo.Donbass citing Cvoi.City.

  • 12 November 2018, 09:01 | UOC (MP) | 

    Bartholomew I has solved the key problem of Orthodox Ukrainians, Fr George Kovalenko says

    Archpriest George Kovalenko has his own interpretation of what happened on October 11 this year at the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. According to him, this day, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew solved the greatest problem of Ukrainians - he recognized all Orthodox believers: both clergy and their hierarchs. Kovalenko said this in an exclusive interview with Glavkom.

  • 9 November 2018, 14:21 | Interchurch relations | 

    UGCC Bishop organizes ecumenical meeting between Orthodox and Catholics of UK

    On November 6, a meeting of members of the Ecumenical Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches of Great Britain took place at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London. It was organized by the bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Diocese in London, His Eminence Hlib (Lonchyna).

  • 9 November 2018, 14:13 | Orthodox world | 

    In favor of dialogue: Orthodox Church of Cyprus comments on conflict between Constantinople and Moscow

    The official website of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus has posted a statement on the Ukrainian issue, according to Cerkvarium.