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  • 22 August 2011, 10:57 | World news | 

    Benedict XVI to Youth: See You In Rio De Janeiro

    A delegation of young Brazilians present at Cuatro Vientos in Madrid erupted with applause at Benedict XVI's official announcement that the next World Youth Day would take place in their country in 2013, Zenit informs.

  • 16 August 2011, 11:17 | World news | 

    Moscow and Jerusalem Patriarchates on verge of conflict

    The Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which has jurisdiction over the Holy Land, on July 31 made public explanations regarding publications on the websites of the Russian Church Mission in Jerusalem and the Moscow Patriarchate as to the construction of the so-called Russian Pilgrimage Center in the Jordan Valley to the east of the place of Baptism of the Lord.

  • 15 August 2011, 10:14 | World news | 

    Pope offers special indulgence to World Youth Day pilgrims

    Pope Benedict XVI has declared that pilgrims to World Youth Day in Madrid will be able to obtain a special indulgence while attending the event.

  • 11 August 2011, 13:05 | World news | 

    World Youth Day To Begin in 5 Days in Madrid

    Through the World Youth Day (WYD )experience, young people from throughout the world will make a pilgrimage in faith, meet one another, and experience hospitality and the love of God.

  • 9 August 2011, 11:02 | World news | 

    World Youth Day to provide $143 million boost to Spanish economy

    The head of Madrid’s Housing and Economy Office, Percival Manglano, confirmed Aug. 2 that World Youth Day is expected to bring $143 million into the Spanish economy.

  • 8 August 2011, 13:23 | UGCC | 

    Patriarch Sviatoslav Installs Apostolic Exarch for Greek Catholic Ukrainians in Great Britain

    The installation of the fifth Apostolic Exarch for Greek Catholic Ukrainians of Great Britain, Bishop Hlib (Lonchyna), was administered on August 2 before the hierarchical Divine Service in the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile in London.

  • 2 August 2011, 15:02 | World news | 

    Bombers target churches in northern Iraq

    A car bomb exploded near a Catholic Church in northern Iraq on Tuesday, injuring at least 16 people in part of a coordinated attack on Christian places of worship in the ethnically-mixed city of Kirkuk, a senior police official said, Reuters report.

  • 27 July 2011, 11:14 | Islam | 

    Ukrainian Muslims condole with the victims of terrorist attacks in Norway

    The All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations Alraid and Religious Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine Ummah express their strong condemnation for the horrific attacks witnessed by Norway on Friday, 22 July, which led to the loss of so many innocent lives, and brought wide scale terror, damage and destruction.

  • 4 July 2011, 15:35 | World news | 

    PACE sees future of European community in cultural and religious diversity

    In its Recommendation 1975, adopted on June 22, 2011, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly calls on representatives of the religions “to contribute, when appropriate, to the debates on common values, common heritage, protection of religious freedom, respect for human rights and democratic citizenship, the fight against terrorism, xenophobia and intolerance,” the Institute for Religious Freedom reports.

  • 25 May 2011, 13:27 | World news | 

    Patriarch Kirill Calls USSR 'Great Country' Disintegrated Due to Loss of Spiritual Roots

    Patriarch Kirill of Moscow called to remember one’s spiritual, cultural and historic roots, and called the Soviet Union a great country, which disintegrated in a few days due to the destruction of these roots.

  • 4 May 2011, 16:23 | Orthodox world | 

    Russian Church Responds To Osama's Death

    The elimination of the 'number one terrorist' does not solve the terror problem, said Archpriest Georgy Roschin, deputy head of the Russian Orthodox Church Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations.

  • 3 May 2011, 09:55 | International relations | 

    Ecumenical Conference under Umbrella of World Council of Churches to Discuss Subject of Chornobyl-Fukushima

    On May 17-25, in Kingston, Jamaica, an ecumenical conference under the umbrella of the World Council of Churches will be held to deal mostly with the issue of the preserving the environment and its connection with peace-keeping issues.

  • 30 April 2011, 10:18 | Catholics | 

    Beatification of John Paul II to be broadcast on First National TV Channel

    The divine service on the occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul II on Sunday, May 1, will be broadcast live on the First National Channel, reports the website of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

  • 4 April 2011, 13:48 | UGCC | 

    Patriarch Sviatoslav met by Cardinal Leonardo Sandri in Rome

    The prefect of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, passed to Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) the original letter from Pope Benedict XVI, by which the pope on March 25, 2011, approved the election of the new supreme archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC). The letter was presented on April 3, after the Hierarchical Liturgy of the newly elected head of the UGCC in the St. Sophia Church in Rome.

  • 28 March 2011, 14:23 | Orthodox | 

    Patriarch Theophilus III of Jerusalem Visits Kyiv

    The head of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church, Patriarch Theophilus III, arrived in Kyiv on March 27.

  • 17 March 2011, 10:19 | World news | 

    Pope sends $100,000 to Japan

    Pope Benedict XVI sent a donation of $100,000 to the Bishops’ Conference of Japan to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck the country on March 11.

  • 15 March 2011, 14:57 | World news | 

    Maronite Church elected new Patriarch

    Maronite Church elected Beshara al-Rai on Tuesday as its new patriarch and head of the country’s largest Christian community. Rai, 71, takes office as politicians struggle to form a government after Sunni politician Saad al-Hariri’s administration was toppled by the Shia Muslim Hezbollah movement and its political allies.

  • 12 March 2011, 17:36 | World news | 

    IOCC Stands Ready to Offer Aid Following Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

    International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) has assembled its emergency response personnel to assess the humanitarian needs and possible response to a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan on March 11.

  • 10 March 2011, 16:49 | World news | 

    Russian Orthodox Church Supports Gaddafi

    Protopriest Vsevolod Chaplin, who is known for his scandalous initiatives, stated that the authorities have a right to suppress mutinies by force.

  • 29 December 2010, 11:49 | World news | 

    Patriarch Ilia is Named 'Person of the Year' in Georgia

    Catholicos and Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia is recognized as Person of the Year in the republic, according to the Kviris Palitra weekly.