Victims of Political Repressions Remembered in Moldova

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CHISINAU – On May 16, 2010, Ukraine marked the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions. As reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), on this day in Chisinau, Moldova, in the parish of the Protection Veil of the Holy Mother of God of the UGCC, prayer services were held for the deceased. Following the services, adviser and delegate of the Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova, candidate of historical sciences Mr. Mykhail Kharyshyn, reported about the history of political repression and read out an address of Patriarch Lubomyr (Husar).

With the help of the Embassy of Ukraine in Republic of Moldova, a charitable concert of the symphonic orchestra of the renowned Maria Zankovetska Drama Theater in Lviv was held in the National Philharmonic Society of Moldova as part of the international festival of arts Play Natal. Twelve blind performers from Ukraine and Moldova took part in the concert.

The concert was organized by the Ukraine-World Association, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova, the Bureau of Interethnic Relations of Republic Moldova, and the Moldovan organization Blossoming Land. Considerable support in organizing the event was offered by the head of the Coordinating Council of Ethno-Cultural Organizations in Moldova Muharib Rashid Allahverdiev.

The one-of-a-kind concert included the presentation of a new project from the An Uncovered Life Theater which performed European and Ukrainian classics as well as new interpretations of traditional Moldavan and Ukrainian songs. The professionalism and talent of the performances, including those of the Zolotukhin brothers who performed the Kyivan Waltz, and Stephan Honcharenko and Zery, were well perceived by the audience.

In his greeting to the audience, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Republic Moldova Serhiy Pirozhkov noted that the Maria Zankovetska Drama Theater in Lviv is one of the oldest theaters in Ukraine. “It has been around for about 100 years. It is well known by art enthusiasts outside Ukraine – in Great Britain, Canada, USA, Poland, Slovakia, and in many other countries of the world.” Mr. Pirozhkov expressed gratitude to all participants of the concert for the opportunity not only to feel the inspiring force of art but also to unite the musical heritage of Ukraine and Moldova.

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  • Стефан | 24 January 2020, 02:19

    Число невинных жертв, павших от рук изуверов-коммунистов и их пособников в период с 1917 года по настоящее время, больше нескольких десятков миллионов человек. Обсуждать это на созванном в 2020-м

  • Михаил | 23 January 2020, 22:05

    Кипу носит правильно и привычно.

  • ultimaratio22 | 23 January 2020, 21:20 - Разочарую вас. Я не москаль, и не шовинист. Вы как всегда, лжёте.Вы не знаете меня, чтобы так утверждать. Я уважительно отношусь ко всем национальностям.В отличие от вас. Вы

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    Разом з тим: "Отче, прости їм, бо не відають, що чинять" (Лк.23:34).

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    А взагалі-то цей запекло-злобний шовініст-москаль ultimaratio22 (по-своєму) таки має певну рацію. Тобто, як казав і наголошував та рекомендував Христос у Нагірній проповіді: "Не давайте святого

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