Russian mother of three flees to Ukraine because of religious persecution in Russia

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A Russian woman, mother of three children, asked for a refugee status in Ukraine because of the religious persecution in the Russian Federation. This is reported by the newspaper Syohodni, citing the press center of the State Border Guard Service.

“During the border control at the checkpoint in Senkivka, a woman who arrived with her children born in 2005, 2007 and 2009, came to the border guards of the Chernihiv Detachment with a request to grant her a refugee status. The Russian woman claimed that she was persecuted on religious grounds in the Russian Federation,” says the message.

As reported, the border guards allowed the citizen of the Russian Federation to enter the territory of Ukraine of which they reported to the State Migration Service.

Previously, it was reported that the detainments of Jehovah's Witnesses were launched in Russia. This organization was added to the list of public and religious associations last year, whose activity in the Russian Federation was suspended because of their extremism.


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    • enzian | 12 December 2018, 19:16

      Ще не захлинувся власною жовчю?

    • Михаил | 12 December 2018, 13:30

      Единственное умное решение среди всего бреда с "автокефалией" и "собором" - передача Андреевской церкви. Теперь её хотя бы будет занимать каноническая церковь

    • Halo | 12 December 2018, 11:19

      Мій респект також "кривавому пастору" Ось цитата з Турчинова: "Для початку хочу публічно підтримати позицію депутатів Івано-Франківської обласної ради, що виступили на захист сімейних

    • Михаил | 12 December 2018, 09:49

      Как я и предсказывал, "собор" ещё не собрался, а Денисенко уже интригует и ставит всех на уши. То ли ещё будет, ой-ей-ей! Предлагаю на "соборе" объявить Денисенко "почетным

    • qazwsxedc12 | 11 December 2018, 22:41

      дії РПЦ в Україні політичні тому ними цікавиться політична поліція СБУ

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