Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies: One should be especially vigilant not to let the enemy divide us at the final line

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Rostyslav Pavlenko, Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies by the President of Ukraine, urges Ukrainians to peacefully and quietly build a new independent Church of Ukraine, not giving in to any provocations of those who call for the seizure of churches or monasteries, under whatever flags they would act, and no matter which slogans and in what language they proclaim”.

"The making of an independent Orthodox Church in Ukraine is a voluntary process involving all those willing, and which excludes violence, intimidation and provocations. This is understood and spoken about in the UOC-KP and the UAOC. They also speak about it the UOC - in fact, in this Church, there are many who wish to build peacefully a new independent Church of Ukraine together.

Others will remain in unity with Moscow as long as they wish.

Russian aggressors understand that they are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of Ukrainians. And they will resist to the best of their abilities. We have seen how they resort to lies, we are seeing it and unfortunately, will see it in future.

But the lie is not the only weapon of the “hybrid” arsenal. There is still hatred, impatience, intolerance ... everything that provocateurs can play.

So now, on the finish line, you need to be especially vigilant. If someone calls to capture temples, monasteries, If someone foams at the mouth, calls for revenge, calls not to wait, but to take everything at once, If someone is trying to judge and establish justice here and now, - these are provocateurs and opponents of autocephaly.

No matter under what flags they might speak, what slogans and in what language are proclaimed. Disguising and fitting in is an old weapon of aggressors.

Unity, respect, and love between Ukrainians is what will triumph over the rage and hatred of the aggressor. We, Ukrainians, understand each other regardless of affiliation to one or another Church. This has happened more than once. WE cannot give the enemy a chance to separate us. That's how it happened. We will not let this happen this time.”

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    "Ми, українці, незалежно від приналежності до тієї чи іншої Церкви – між собою порозуміємось. Так уже не раз бувало. Не можна лише дати ворогу нас роз’єднати. Бо так також бувало. Не дамо такому трапитись цього разу»." --------------- На превеликий жаль, оте ДРУГЕ, тобто ворожі підступи та провокації, що українців, власне, РОЗ'ЄДНУВАЛИ иіж собою, та ще, до того ж, деколи нацьковували їх і на, загалом, НЕВИННИХ інших - у т. ч. за конфесійною, етнічною чи соціально-майновою ознакою - в історичній МИНУВШИНІ України траплялися й реалізовувалися набагато ЧАСТІШЕ і БІЛЬШЕ, аніж то ПЕРШЕ... Себто факти ПОРОЗУМІННЯ. ------- Й тому, назагал, вони і спричинили саме ТАКУ історичну ДОЛЮ нашої Батьківщини, яку маємо, й такі (здебільшого) досить сумні й неоднозначні наслідки і рудименти чого переживаємо й - дуже важко, повільно і зигзагоподібно - долаємо аж дотепер...

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