On the occasion of Independence Day, RCC Hierarchs in Ukraine call on Ukrainians to cherish and protect their freedom

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The conference of the Roman Catholic bishops in Ukraine has published a pastoral letter on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine. On August 24, 27 years ago, the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was signed, which initiated the establishment of a sovereign Ukrainian State.

According to the Roman Catholic bishops in Ukraine, this day was the beginning of the national, cultural and spiritual revival of our homeland.

“Being grateful for freedom, we must constantly think about how to properly use and develop it. Indeed, freedom and independence are not received by people once and for all. These values ​​should be cherished, protected and guarded. They must also be carefully shaped in the new generations of Ukrainians, asking God for wisdom and prudence in the use of freedom obtained...

Freedom cannot be preserved if people with good conscience cannot stand in every area of social, economic and political life, which can withstand both external influences and everything that destroys people from the inside - egoism, pride, greed, etc. The voice of pure conscience directs the person towards the good and warns from evil deeds,” goes the address of the Roman Catholic bishops of Ukraine.

They call upon all faithful of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine and all compatriots to “care for shaping a clean and good conscience in ourselves and in the new generation of Ukrainians.” The letter was published by the CMC.

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    • velovs@ukr.net | 24 February 2020, 14:34

      Р. S. Спричинена (певними й відомими) історичними та сучасними обставинами - практична (чи майже повна) відсутність СПРАВЖНЬОЇ ("високоякісної" - фахової і дійсно компетентної) вітчизняної

    • velovs@ukr.net | 24 February 2020, 14:15

      Якраз такий "меседж" і є основною й головною "страшилкою-лякалкою" нинішньої порохоботської піар-пропаганди та істерії. Тобто того квазі-"патріотичного" -

    • shkuleta | 24 February 2020, 13:56

      velovs@ukr.net, абсолютно так, Ви як завжди маєте рацію

    • enzian | 24 February 2020, 13:46

      Ні, це нагадування про те, що в Україні при владі зараз московська агентура, одне з завдань якої - спотворення української ідентичності, зокрема, через мережу РПЦ в Україні.

    • velovs@ukr.net | 24 February 2020, 11:25

      Чергова провокативно-порохоботська "страшилка-лякалка"?

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