Churches and religious organizations called to peace at St Volodymyr’s Hill

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In his speech at St Volodymyr’s Hill, Petro Poroshenko called on the AUCCIRO to peace, understanding and unity:


“In the preface to Patriarch Bartholomew's book “Face to Face with Mystery”, I read that  one of the favorite aphorisms of His Holiness is the following: “The war in the name of religion is a war against religion.” I unequivocally share this view. The joint creation of an independent church cannot be the basis for discord, the basis for confrontation, violence. On the contrary, it is a road to peace, peace, understanding.

The faithful and church communities are to decide for themselves whether to join the Local Church.

The Tomos, may the Lord grant it to us, will not mean that a state church will appear in Ukraine. The authorities, now, as previously, will respect all denominations, without departing from the spirit and the letter of the Fundamental Law – the Constitution of Ukraine.

The constitutional principles of state-church relations are inviolable. Ukraine is a multi-confessional state, for which the religious world is a great value.

I urge you to continue to make every effort for peace in Ukraine to establish cooperation between religious communities for the future.

We are all proud that in Ukraine the most complex issues of cohabitation of religions and cultures have always been peacefully solved, without violence, within the legal framework. Unfortunately, our inner peace has been grossly violated Russian aggression. I am sure only God has given us strength to stop one of the largest armies in the world. Only faith has given us such a great love for the Homeland.

Now all of our people, as ever, need the Word of God, need unity, need peace.

May your spiritual work and sincere prayers continue to contribute to the incorporation of imperishable spiritual values ​​in Ukrainian society.”

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    • Михаил | 15 November 2018, 09:53


    • enzian | 14 November 2018, 14:23

      Сам засип собі пащу хлоркою і забирайся геть.

    • enzian | 14 November 2018, 14:22

      Злодій завжди кричить: "Тримайте злодія!" Так і малоросійськімосквославні, ідучи на розкол, намагаються переконати всіх, що розкол чинить Константинополь.

    • | 14 November 2018, 13:12

      Як приємно, що його Всесвятість так розуміє і співчуває бідам і болям нашого народу! Дай, Боже, йому сили і здоров'я довести заплановане до кінця!

    • Михаил | 14 November 2018, 11:18

      С советских времён удивлялся, насколько абсурдно и не вписывается никуда здание музея Ленина. Теперь это Украинский дом. Ничего абсурднее нельзя было придумать! И в этот музей Ленина хотели

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