Victims of Ilovaisk cauldron remembered in prayers in Kyiv

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On the anniversary of the memory of Ilovaisk cauldron, on Monday, August 28, the prayer service was held in the center of Kyiv for the fighters who did not return home. The organizers, together with the priests, urged not to abandon prayers for those who are no longer with us and for those who continue to protect us from external aggression. Tetiana Kalenychenko, RISU correspondent has reported it.

“If we join our pain, it will be a whole planet ... My biggest dream is to stop this war. I want to gather all the children and sit at one table so that they find the words and stop this bloodshed. The worst thing is that every day we, childless mothers, become more numerous, because the planet of pain is alive, a mother of the deceased fighter, Lyudmyla Hryhoriivna Malukhina, appealed from the scene. On May 23, 2014, her 21-year-old son with a call-back Marianchik had his first combat action, from which he did not return.

After the prayers for the deceased, the priests from St Michael’s Monastery urged the audience not only to recall the dead in their prayers, but also to pray for peace and saving the lives of those who are now on the frontline, bringing peace closer by their actions.

Military chaplain Olesya Dolina reminded that widows and mothers of the dead still needed support. Often, a stranger may be unaware how to approach the affected person, but it is better to make this step, to provide support to them, which be some help around the household or a joint tea with prayer: “The worst thing for mothers and widows begins at night when they stay alone with their thoughts. Please come up to them, talk to them, do not stop supporting them.”

The organizers of the meeting with the “Association of Wives and Mothers of ATO Participants” further appealed to representatives of the authorities and the community to remind that many promises of financial support, provision of funds for repair and support of orphaned children of the soldiers remain unfulfilled. In addition, they proposed to officially recognize August 29 as the Day of Remembrance of Fallen Soldiers, which needs to be coordinated.

During two days, on August 28-29, St Michael’s Monastery will hold an exhibition “Checkpoints of Memory” by Pavel Netezov, dedicated to all those who perished in the area of ​​the Anti-Terrorist Operation, which will become a symbolic reminder of their contribution.

On the evening of August 28, a memorial event took place, during which the lampads were lit near the exhibition and the Memory Wall, located outside the monastery.

As reported, the main tragic events near Ilovaisk occurred these days in 2014, when the Ukrainian troops suffered the greatest losses. The encircled soldiers were shot dead during an open humanitarian border, which became a turning point in the course of hostilities in eastern Ukraine

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