UGCC hierarchs urged Ukrainians to recover from corruption, and politics from populism

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Синод.jpgIn the Synodal message as of September 13 to the faithful of the UGCC and all people of good will regarding the socio-political situation in Ukraine before the election, the hierarchs of the UGCC called the current situation in Ukraine a pilgrimage of the nation to true freedom.

“After having gone through a liberating experience with the revolution of dignity, we then endured a tragic armed conflict, the annexation of Crimea, and military incursion into Eastern Ukraine by a neighbouring country,” goes the message of hierarchs who compared the current situation to the history of the Old Testament, when the people of Israel were making their pilgrimage from slavery to freedom during 40 years under Moses’ guidance.

They urged the people of Ukraine to the consolidation and unification: “We must unite not only though grief, danger, fear, but in understanding our common destiny and our common future”.

The hierarchs called on the Ukrainians  “to persevere in walking along the way of truth and freedom, daily building up our future with fervent prayer, solidarity with the suffering and the needy, in supporting all government and community initiatives for defending our Motherland, and strengthening God’s saving Law in our nation”.

The hierarchs bow their heads unto all the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and independence of our country, for the dignity of every Ukrainian, every European. The UGCC hierarchs extend special gratitude to all those who today “with remarkable and dignified sacrifice, stand guard at the front of our common freedom”.

The early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a separate topic of the message, the UGCC hierarchs described as “the most complex and important ones in the history of independent Ukraine”. “This is why we need unity today, not unity around political figures but around a common understanding of our future”. 

“In our present day, the political system depends on us because the Lord God, Who is the source of authority, has entrusted it to the people, and that is why it is our responsibility to bring fair and wise politicians to power. Perhaps each person separately does not have much impact on politicians or the situation. Be assured, however, that even one vote, one fair choice, can be crucial at the local level and facilitate common, correct decisions throughout the country. Let us not leave our responsibilities to others. Let us make our choice wisely and honestly”, called the hierarchs of the UGCC.

They especially warned Ukrainian not to be tempted by populist slogans and flattering, not to generating panic and warned them of empty criticizing: “Criticism can be constructive only when its goal is the common good. Constructive criticism promotes unity when it distinguishes itself from empty criticism [or: recrimination] and politicking. Do not believe those who promise instant resolutions to solve all problems. The political and economic crisis, and especially war, demonstrated that our country suffers from numerous weaknesses in many areas. In order to establish life and growth – which the Ukrainian people, who endured the Maidan, justly demand”.

The UGCC hierarchs called the Ukrainian society to cure the evils of corruption, avarice, double standards and unpunished abuse of power, and called politicians to sacrifice. “The power entrusted to you involves primarily responsibility before the people who trusted you. May the sacrifice of the Maidan’s Heavenly Hundred be always before you, as well as the thousands of fallen Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in the East. May their sacrifice become the measure of your every decision”, the UGCC hierarchs called on politicians.

At the end of the message the hierarchs stressed: “We entrusted ourselves to God and travelled along the pilgrim’s path to dignity and freedom. . ... We are facing many uncertainties that we do not know what this road will require much sacrifice as soldiers of light it would take to bring us out of darkness. On many questions we have answers. No one has. The answer is only God, who said: “Fear not! Go forth! I will be with you!” “In this we can be certain. And so, let us go forward with God!”

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    • bopa | 20 October 2019, 07:43

      Твердження "церква з державою немає ніяких спільних інтересів і їх діяльність не перетинається і не доторкується в жодній точці" антиконституційне! Читайте уважно преамбулу і зрозумієте

    • bopa | 20 October 2019, 07:36

      Членство патріарха Кіріла у Сов. Без-і РФ-ії дає відповідь на значення РПЦ МП для політики РФ-ії. Зобумовлює дії патріарха Кіріла відповідно стратегії держави на чолі з Путіним. "Вогнем і

    • | 18 October 2019, 10:08

      Р. S. Й, між іншим, в незалежній Україні цей (де-факто) людиноненависницький - заздрісно-братовбивчий і самогубний "дух Каїна" (він же - дітовбивчий "дух Тараса Бульби"), в т. ч.

    • | 18 October 2019, 08:57

      Оккупанты уже давно отказались от "марксистско-ленинской идеологии", на смену которой пришла мифология т. наз. "русского мира". -------- Что же касается "губителей душ

    • Стефан | 17 October 2019, 21:11

      Охотное впрягание называющих себя христианами в гнилую партийно-политическую повозку марксистско-ленинской идеологии оккупантов, диверсантов и сепаратистов, действующих против верующего украинского

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