New constitution draft poses a threat to the traditional family, Patriarch UGCC says

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u_t.gif-5.gifOn July 16,Head of the UGCC Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) sent a letter to the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, Chair of Constitutional Commission Volodymyr Groisman regarding the changes to the Constitution of Ukraine.

The hierarch noted that the developers of the main state document rejected all warnings made by representatives of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO),thus opening the way for the legalization of gay marriage, which is unacceptable for the reasons of moral health.

We post the full text of the letter by the UGCC Patriarch:

 “Your Excellency Vlolodymyr Borysovych!

I refer tothe important case of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. Once we have received the final version of the draft chapter II, prepared by the Constitutional Commission’sWorking Group on Human Rights. Unfortunately, almost all the proposals of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which the AUCCROset out in its letter of 12.06.2015 and presented them in the working sessions of the Working Group, were rejected.

Instead of the proposals agreed bythe religious community, associated in the AUCCRO, which represents over 95 percent of Ukrainian believers,the essentially opposite proposals to the new Constitution of Ukraine made by individual members of the Commission were taken into consideration.

These statements primarily include serious threats to the family institution in Ukraine, to the marriage relationship as a union of man and woman, which istraditional in Ukrainian society, and form the basis for legalization of same-sex partnershipsthat are unacceptable for the reasons of moral health and natural development of society (Article 27 and 35 of the draft law). These proposals threaten to push the Ukrainian State into the abyss of sinful immorality, destruction of the family as the basic institution of society and popularization of relations between persons of the same sex that are unnatural for human beings.

Justification of such dubious offers with references to European experience is irrelevant, because the European Union has opposing views on the issue of anti-discrimination legislation, marriage and family, legal opportunities for sexual minorities. In particular, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, as members of the European Union demonstrate their commitment to the traditional family and moral values, having bannedsame-sex partnerships including in the text of the Constitutionin some countries.

The same applies to other articles, the wording of which was discussed in the above letter. In particular, the draft article on freedom of thought, conscience and religion retains the provision of separation of school and church, thus ignoring almost all the proposals of the AUCCROregarding the constitutional regulation of social relations in the triangle of the state, churches and religious organizations, and civil society.

Given the above, I stress once again the need to incorporate in one way or another the identity principles and the principles of human relations that are traditional for Ukrainian citizens, as outlined in the proposals of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine made by the AUCCRO, the text of which is also attached to this letter.

Bestowing my archpastoral blessing and assuring you of my prayers,


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  • Михаил | 17 July 2015, 20:19
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    Я всегда говорил, что Владыка Святослав, несмотря на свою молодость, мудрый пастырь. Он очень достойно и по праву возглавляет самую большую Восточнокатолическую Церковь - УГКЦ. Дай Бог всем христианам таких пастырей!

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  • | 15 September 2019, 07:30

    Може, якийсь "святейший" і дійсно (де-факто) буде проти. Але ж на то є чітка й однозначна БОЖА ВОЛЯ і ПЛАН-ЗАДУМ. Й тому ХТО, врешті-решт, здатен і направду зможе завадити і не допустити їх

  • barni | 15 September 2019, 05:27

    Взагалі то, є три ОСНОВНІ гілки християнства це католики, православні і протестанти і говорити про визнання т.зв "угкц", ну на край смішно. А щодо об"єднання - хто ж проти, але

  • enzian | 14 September 2019, 18:38

    Мішка, не примазуйся до католиків. Ти загальновизнаний агент Москви.

  • Михаил | 14 September 2019, 01:41

    1.УГКЦ всегда стояла и стоит на патриотических началах, а т.н. "пцу" только примазывается к патриотизму, потому, что ей так выгодней. 2. УГКЦ общепризнанная каноническая восточная

  • | 12 September 2019, 16:56

    А тут можемо побачити дуже конкретну і активну - різнопланову богонатхненну практичну діяльність об'єднаних (різноликих) українських християн-волонтерів заради досягнення такої

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