Heads of Evangelical Churches of Ukraine Support Current Law In Area of Church-State Relations

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Засідання-Ради-.jpgHeads of Evangelical Churches of Ukraine addressed the leadership of the state to voice the position of the churches in the area of church-state relations.

According to the Institute of Religious Freedom, the heads of the Evangelical Churches state that the current Law of Ukraine "On Freedom of Worship and Religious Organizations" has ensured the freedom of confession in Ukraine for over 20 years now despite its certain drawbacks.

In addition, the participants discussed cooperation of Evangelical Churches at the regional level.  Special attention was paid to joining efforts in social ministry and in the area of support of socially significant public actions.

The heads also stressed the the public needs to be better informed about the spiritual and social ministry conducted by the Evangelical Christians of Ukraine. They entrusted  the secretariat with the task of improving the flow of information on the activities of the Council of Churches, in particular, by creating a website and through other available media resources.

The session was attended by Senior Bishop of the Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine, Mykhailo Panochko, Deputy Head of the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians Baptists, Mykola Kasprov, Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church, Leonid Padun, President of the Brotherhood of Independent Churches and Missions of Evangelical Christians Baptists, Serhii Debelynskyi, Head of the Management Board of the Association of Missionary Churches of Evangelical Christians of Ukraine, Serhii Datsko, Deputy Head of the Free Churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine, Dmytro Bulah and the newly elected President of the Ukrainian Union Conference of the Church of the Seventh Day's Adventists, Viktor Aleksieienko.

The meeting was also attended by the head of the Institute of Religious Freedom, Oleksandr Zaiets, and Deputy Head of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions Mykola Novychenko.

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    • erinms | 13 December 2018, 17:46

      Be very leery about gender identity laws in Ukraine. Take a lesson from Canada where the lgbt movement has a stranglehold on politicians. Some of these laws have created a nightmare of outlandish

    • velovs@ukr.net | 13 December 2018, 15:22

      Учасники Християнської суспільної платформи проти встановлення "гомодиктатури" в

    • velovs@ukr.net | 13 December 2018, 09:59

      Ба більше. Саме з незалежної і воістину ХРИСТИЯНСЬКОЇ України, з нашого святого і славного ІІ Єрусалима - Києва і має розпочатися вельми могутня й животворна - натхненна, генерована й керована Божим

    • velovs@ukr.net | 13 December 2018, 08:52

      Геть від ординсько-імперської Москви та ультраліберастно-збоченної Гейропи! ---- Та всією, натхненною і провадженою Святим Духом, незалежною і Господом спасенною та благословенною - воістину

    • fedirtsiv | 13 December 2018, 02:31

      Дуже добре, що уряд не слухає усіляких святенників турчинових, а робить реальні та важливі кроки для розвитку українського суспільства:

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