Communities that leave the UOC-MP can experience pressure from law enforcement, - Pavlenko comments draft law of “Opposition Bloc”

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Communities and clergy may be subjected to pressure from law enforcement authorities because of the desire to withdraw from the subordination of the Moscow Patriarchate and join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

This is confirmed by the new bill from the deputies of the Opposition Bloc "For Life", wrote on his Facebook page, the MP of the faction" European Solidarity " Rostislav Pavlenko, according to Pryamyy TV.

“We found a document on the web that requires close attention. The Prosecutor General, according to the letter of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement, instructs the relevant departments to "work out" and "provide suggestions and comments" on very significant bills,” Pavlenko stressed.

According to him, the draft laws introduced by deputies of the Opposition Platform “For Life” on "prevention of criminal prosecution, criminal, administrative responsibility and punishment of persons – participants of events in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions” (1089 and 1089-1) and “amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine concerning establishment of criminal responsibility for obstructing the activities of religious organizations” (1107).

“At the same time, the latest draft does not clearly define what ‘obstruction’ is, so the arbitrary interpretation of this norm in the field will give another lever on communities and clergy who wish to withdraw from unity with the Moscow Patriarchate," the MP stressed.

He noted that the motives of the opposition MPs to initiate such laws are understandable.

“But for what purpose these inventions to the Ukrainian Prosecutor's office should be studied? Won't we see mechanisms from the arsenal of the former ‘regionals’ soon in hands of the current power? It's a strange thing. In the context of recent events, they are alarming,” the politician stressed.

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    • Halo | 21 January 2020, 11:55

      Начебто все зрозуміло, але порівняння геть кострубате, бо геноцид - це дійсно соціальна та економічна трагедія! Соромно за спічрайтера

    • | 21 January 2020, 08:56

      І ця велика розбіжність в оцінці вірогідного числа жертв геноциду-Голодомору, до речі, є предметом певних - нечистоплотних і провокативних спекуляцій і маніпуляцій у деяких запекло-злобних діячів...

    • | 21 January 2020, 08:51

      Крім того, у деяких країнах визнанню Голодомора 1932-1933 рр. геноцидом українського народу перешкоджають, заважають певні ПОЛІТИЧНІ причини. І - не в останню чергу - відповідні їхні стосунки з РФ...

    • | 21 January 2020, 08:05

      Более или менее точно определить число жертв Голодомора в Украине 1932-1933 гг. достаточно непросто и нелегко. По понятным причинам. Вот я и навёл всю эту "статистику" и высказал своё

    • | 21 January 2020, 07:54

      А це залежить, насамперед, від того, чи захочуть вони "переконуватися". ---- А особливо можновладці РФ, яка офіційно вважає себе "правонаступницею" СРСР і де культ особи та і,

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