Poroshenko’s visit to Patriarch Bartholomew brought its fruit

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Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya), spokesman for the Kyiv Patriarchate, said that Poroshenko's visit to Patriarch Bartholomew was a success, and good news about the approval of the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine would come soon.

The hierarch wrote this on his Facebook page.

“President Petro Poroshenko’s trip he made a week ago in Istanbul and a meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch brought good fruit, there are good reasons to expect good news about important steps in the matter of establishing and recognizing the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine,” he wrote.

The Archbishop of the UOC-KP did not specify when this time might come.

“Let the Holy Spirit grant wisdom and courage to everyone involved in the work.

Our special prayers and wishes to His All-Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew. 

P.S. I hope to be able to tell you more soon,” said the spokesman for the UOC-KP.

As RISU has previously reported, on April 9, Petro Poroshenko during a visit to Turkey met with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.

The President of Ukraine told the Patriarch about his trip on the Easter eve to Mariupol and Volnovakha, where people need peace and cessation of Russian aggression.

Poroshenko also noted the importance of the establishing of the One Local Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which the Ukrainian people are striving for.

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  • Михаил | 18 April 2018, 02:33
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    Сколько раз мы уже слышали эти фантазии.

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  • Ігор Затятий | 20 August 2019, 16:03

    Писка замурувати тій Натаньяховій за те, що розпалює юдофобію, плюючи на землю подарований хліб

  • barni | 17 August 2019, 20:22

    Та ні "Нінєль-міхуєль" я був неароджений простою УКРАЇНСЬКОЮ СЕЛЯНКОЮ, в простій українській хаті, з діда-прадіда правовослвній родині(на відміну від тебе). Електика в мене в хаті є. А

  • enzian | 17 August 2019, 16:18

    Мішка, пий зеленку і закусюй бинтом. Добре допомагає від москвославія головного мозку.

  • Михаил | 17 August 2019, 14:24

    Вам пора лечиться электричеством! Во всех ваших комментариях, вы постоянно говорите гадости про Католическую Церковь и даже про самого Папу. Вас что, в детстве уронили с третьего этажа или просто

  • barni | 15 August 2019, 19:37

    Що ж, поблагослови Господи, ВИБРАНИЙ БОГОМ НАРОД !!!

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